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Here on Long Island we don't needs a terrorist attack or unforeseen natural disaster to get gridlock. There is a reason that the Long Island Expressway is referred to as being the worlds longest parking lot.

When a terrorist attack or unforeseen natural disaster hits this area there is no way in hell you could get the millions of people that live here off the island quickly. It can be a pain getting out of here on a normal day.


I don't trust government to act in my best interest in the event of a disaster. They're more likely to try to funnel traffic onto an overloaded "evacuation" route than to let traffic disperse. Experienced this leaving Independence Day fireworks this week. On Thanksgiving major highways tend to overload before the minor farm to market roads here in the North Dallas suburbs. Large reservoirs block some of the back roads, but, with practice, the minor roads seem to be the way to go when many people are leaving town at the same time.

Escape from Houston

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