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Modern Polymath

Oh I see. It's a virus now.

Nevermind the poor diet and sedentary lifestyle... it's a virus.

thats stupid

a virus. it just another excuse for people to think its okay to be fat. If this virus turned human cells into fat cell, wouldn't it be depleting organ, and the human body which are made of cells?


So my Mrs aint really fat then shes just got a disease. So she wasnt lyin when she said there was a thin girl tryin get out, she hadnt eaten her like i thought lol

Does it clear up like a cold then? whats the best way make her thin again? So she can still eat 2 12" pizza's as its not her fault?

Finally i'd like to know if there is a vactination to stop me from getting fat i dont wannt be the 2 ton man lol




cell functions

that's a cell anomaly, you better do a research to get a proof.

executive desk

some studies indicate that dieting can sometimes lead to an increase in weight, I wondered how they were violating the First Law. I mean, the body can’t store calories it doesn’t take in, right? I still think that’s the law is true, but things other than calories can apparently generate fat cells.

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