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Considering all the crap on the internet about Halo that turned out to be viral marketing, and the fact that this sale was picked up by hundreds of MS oriented media agregates and the seller didn't ask for a reasonably high price, I can safely assume that this sale was made by Microsoft, perhaps to its own buyers, to stimulate demand and raise awareness of the sale of Halo 3.

Viral marketing is lame, but then, so is Halo, with graphics you might find on a wii. IF the game makes you happy, then go for it, but obviously the ebayer would be shut down for selling stolen property if Microsoft didn't want this story.


Dusty you clearly have not played either Halo or a Wii. Halo I has better graphics then a Wii.

That said I do think its just viral marketing.

Paul Kokenes

Dusty, better graphics than the Wii? Have you ever picked up a controller after the N64 came out? Honsetly...


Viral marketing is very lame indeed. However, having worked at a distribution center for music CDs I can testify to the fact that in order to meet mass-market demand, products do have to ship early. And every hotly anticipated product will have a "Do not ship before XX/XX/XXXX" sticker on the outermost container. It's possible that this Halo 3 copy "fell off a truck" and into the hands of a warehouse employee.


rofl i can explain all comments here. 1 nintendo use shot graphics ps3 is best with graphics for now but 360 which is marginally lower has superior games. wii has a bigger market sale but as nintendo admit that is based on the gimic side of wii being motion based.

as for the disk lol the data was released on the net months b4. some idiot copied it to a disk scanned the disk logo on it and put it in a halo3 blank sleeve game stores use to advertise new games. this happens with almost all games and unless your console is hacked the game wont run. but most ppl hack the consoles anyway so in the end its a early release for most

Patrick Kaa

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