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The 300mpg claim is valid, considering it looks like a plug-in. A plug-in costs a few dollars (US$1.20 I would guess) in electric to recharge; divide that by 120 miles per recharge to get to a dollars-per-mile figure (I'm guessing about 1 cent, or US$0.01) , and then convert that to miles per gallon by dividing that by the cost of a gallon of gas (US$3.00 per gallon) to get 300 miles per (equivalent) gallon of unleaded.


I am a design junky. I get my high off seeing stuff like this! I love it when people start with a fresh slate and come up with something brilliant! That being said, there is no single part of this vehicle that is new (www.go-t-rex.com), but it's the combination that makes it more than the sum of it's parts.


They are both 3 wheels so they both must be the same... I see how that works. Cool concept. I wonder how much energy it actually uses versus a traditional car.


The reason I gave the link to the t-rex was to show a lesser-known design that already exists that is very close to the overall design of the aptera to illustrate my point that all of the core technologies/design principals for it exist elsewhere. People already know about electric vehicles, composite, aerodynamic structures, F1 style crash protection, and other technologies that went into it so I didn't feel I needed to give links for all that stuff. My main point, however, wasn't that it's been done before, but rather that they've done a great job of combining existing technology into to the best, most comprehensive package of complimentary technologies to come up with a unique design that is better than current designs that rely only a few of the technologies available to put them slightly ahead of the status quo.

BTW Gregory Mone, it's important to get the correct name of the company you are writing an article on (Aptera, not Aperta).


A worthy addition to my list of concept cars. thanks for the info.

Garko Novis

buying gas has become a major investment decision, as in "do i invest in some food so i can get thru the day or some gas so i can get where i have to go?" It should never be this way but it is. But that doesn't mean we have to just suffer. There is a real solution in Water4Gas and you owe it to yourself to check it out! http://w4g4mpg.info

Garko Novis

buying gas has become a major investment decision, as in "do i invest in some food so i can get thru the day or some gas so i can get where i have to go?" It should never be this way but it is. But that doesn't mean we have to just suffer. There is a real solution in Water4Gas and you owe it to yourself to check it out! http://w4g4mpg.info


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Car Parts

The biggest problem with this car is the design. It's just not ready for mainstream acceptance IMO. 20 years from now maybe, but not yet.

tyler schultz

another problem is if you go to fast you will flip the car

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Do you know there is a car that gets 300 mpg in Europe?
tell me why we aren't producing this car in the USA?

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But that doesn't mean we have to just suffer. There is a real solution in Water4Gas and you owe it to yourself to check it out!

Costa Rica Condo For Sale

My friend recently got into a car accident and it has made me want to
get a safer car.

I'd like to know what cars have received an NHTSA 5-star rating for
both front and side impact tests. Not all cars have been rated by the
NHTSA, so equivalent top-score ratings from European agencies (such as
euroncap.com) are OK too.

I'm interested in cars manufactured between 1996 and 2003. For each
car, I'd like the year, make, model, and URL to supporting evidence.



I am working on an application and need to understand how car rental companies move their cars from one location to another when there are too many cars left by customers at one location. One way is to give dirt cheap one way rental offers to customers originating some specific location. However, I am trying to understand do they use auto transport companies to do this for them? If yes how much business auto transporters get one average from such scenarios?

Also, do car rental companies have some sort of contracts with auto transporters saying they will move rental cars always or on demand basis?

Thanks for your time!

Electric Car Kit

Wow you are right this thing looks funny. Another option, if you don't have $27,000 lying around, is to convert an existing car with an electric car kit for under $300. You may need to spend more if you hire someone to install it, but it would still be much less than forking over $27K.

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In a parallel hybrid bicycle human and motor power are mechanically coupled at the pedal drive train or at the rear or the front wheel, e.g. using a hub motor, a roller pressing onto a tire, or a connection to a wheel using a transmission element. Human and motor torques are added together. Almost all manufactured models are of this type. See Motorized bicycles, Mopeds and[2] for more information.


Early hybrid systems are being investigated for trucks and other heavy highway vehicles with some operational trucks and buses starting to come into use. The main obstacles seem to be smaller fleet sizes and the extra costs of a hybrid system are yet compensated for by fuel savings,[10] but with the price of oil set to continue on its upward trend, the tipping point may be reached by the end of 1995

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That looks lovely and such a great idea. Cars like this will be on our streets within 5 years.

truck rental

I think it is a wonderful idea i am in the 7th grade and we are studying how fossil fuels ruin and pollute the air and this car could change a lot of people's opinion

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maybe it's something in the toxic mold around there that causes violent car ramming impulses?
I know I've felt it coming on occasionally.
But wait. The guy was already wearing a helmet. Was this planned or was he psychic? Very strange!!!

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wow wow wow
Good interview

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I hope that this concept car comes out. Too many times they make changes to them at the last minute.

auto transport quotes

That's what I've been thinking of to myself. Would this one really work?

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