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Concerned Grandmother

My am wondered of this phenomenal. Me seen it like said and am greatly distressed at it all of it. Having personally born witness to said such bugness I have much to relay but I digress. For as grateful to all persons herein who hath given thier knowledge I am, I will be aware as to capture bug for further detection.
Grand mama


"Learn to use spell check. This could be real. The true state of technology is around ten generations farther along then what is publicly acknowledged. Technological advancement does not rise at a constant rate. Computer chips are advancing faster then software can be written to utilize them."

it's faster thAn, not faster thEn, dumbass. i bet you type "would of" when you mean "would've" or "dog's" when you are referring to many dogs. go back to grammar class, retard.


Great. Now I am even more paranoid.


you guys are all a bunch of f'n nerds!!!!

Tom McFay

Hopefully the government isn't that retarded.

Jean Commons

GREAT Content I'm so happy that I came across this site!!

Radio Controlled Helicopters

First RC Helicopters now flying insects?


learn to taste the donkey.

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i like this part of the post:"The Post also mentioned one of Darpa's creepiest programs: the race to embed microchips in the brains of moths and butterflies in the pupal stage that will eventually fuse to the more developed adults' brains, enabling control over their actions." is very good... is very important this info thanks!!

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Extraordinary invention Microbiotics Harvard Laboratory who developed small devices similar flying insects. I can not believe it!!!

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OMG! I love Sky! Her hair is awesome :) At first I thought "oh whatever," but I am starting to see how much fun these dolls could be. Kind of creepy the photo of your customization [eye poke]. Sometimes I sense that we as fans might not do enough to communicate our appreciation for the performers who give up their bodies and sacrifice their personal lives so that they may entertain. Sometimes I think we falsely assume that the performers just instinctively know.


Yessss! I can finally walk through the streets with a baseball bat whacking anything that buzzes and say it's in the interest of the rights of the people! This is like Christmas!

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Clarification of contract is needed.

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Can I persuade you to reconsider his proposal?

Alexander Hagen

To the guy who said isnt this a helpful tool? Well the Russians got the nuke. And imagine what these bugs could do if they were equipped with poison. To all of us. Micro and Nano Robots are the ultimate nightmare if you get on the business end of them - and its coming - and other nations will get them eventually if they dont allready. We will each need a few eventually just in case we are swarmed.

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