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I Know this 4 a fact too. but I didn't think company was stupid enough 2 store data in cd's/dvd's if they wanted to last longer than a year. for those who don't know, this is a great report. Thank you.

Some Guy

I realized a while back that my burned CDs were dying. Some of them had developed huge visible black marks after being stored in harsh sunlight and alternating heat and cold (though I'm not totally sure that's what did it). Luckily they weren't used for anything important.
But thanks for the reminder; I should be checking up on my backup DVD-Rs and -RWs soon.

Rick Crammond

Public outcry over environmental contamination caused by billions of CD's and DVD's will likely make them go the way of the dodo and more recently, the plastic bag...namely, bye-bye.

All is not lost. (just data!)
There are ways to get further enjoyment and education out of these silly self-mutilating polycarbonate disc products, before they get the heave-ho.

For example, I make cool little home-made Tesla-style Turbines out of re-used CD discs and spindles. I have more fun with the Tesla CD Turbines, than I did with the original music and programs on the discs themselves!


Working for a major Multi-National corporation, one who provides data backup and recovery services (I will not directly name it). When a Blue Shirted sales person brings a new computer to a white shirted, clip-on tie wearing, services technician such as myself, we use the cheapest DVD+-R's available to us. I would be surprised if the Operating System Recovery discs we create last a year, let alone the five years that a person expects to keep a computer. The data that we back up and burn to discs sometimes doesn't even make it home with the customer before the disc is unreadable, and they are checked just after burning.
I for years backed up my data to CD's and DVD's, that is until i noticed that they were unusable after a couple of years. I lost countless pictures and movies, let alone music and sound. Shortly after I discovered that my discs were going bad, I shifted my backups to an external hard drive, and online data backup utilities.
Also thank Google for its Gmail, free data backup ability 10 megabytes at a time, simply email yourself whatever is most precious. Since Google's obsession with excess means that I will never logically fill my account with any amount of my own things.
I'm in for class action, I've lost enough to make it worth my while...


I actually don't have a problem with the CD-Rs that I used a little over 8 years ago. They are still readable and haven't given me a problem. The only disks that have given me a problem are the ones that I didn't close the disk on. The ones that I thought that I was going to keep recording more things onto but forgot about. Those are the disks that are unreadable. But then again, I've kept all of those disks in the packages they've come in and take a look at them every couple of years. I will say that I've started to back up those CD-Rs onto an external hard drive just recently. Still no major problems with what I've looked at.


Very intersting post. I really enjoyed reading it. I will be looking forward to mre honest reviews on the different subjects that you will cover?

Chris the Cover Guy

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Daymon The Basketeere

Thanks for this!

Daymon The Basketeere

My CD-Rs are great!

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If you cut them up they make great throwing stars!!

digital pen recorder

This is crazy when you think about it. All these promises of new technology and it just lets us down. Meanwhile the art of keeping records and letters and documents what have you is being lost. How many people can write properly these days? Stick to film for photos and paper for impt stuff.

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I shifted my backups to an external hard drive, and online data backup utilities.

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This is crazy when you think about it. All these promises of new technology and it just lets us down. Meanwhile the art of keeping records and letters and documents what have you is being lost. How many people can write properly these days? Stick to film for photos and paper for impt stuff.

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Mistakes are an essential part of education. (Bertrand Russell, British philosopher)

portable media players

I don't think my burned CDs would even last 1 decade.

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Good post,This was exactly what I needed to read today! I am sure this has relevance to many of us out there.

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It's like all new things, there is no way to predict the long term effect. Guess what? Magnetic media isn't a long term solution.

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Incredible, what an amazing way to express your opinion…very cool I must say … I think you are right when you say this. Hats off man, what a superlative knowledge you have on this subject…hope to see more work of yours.

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Data storage is not only the problem in devices it is also the problem of man too. Once data is lost, does not come back too easily. In fact it is relatively easy in the devices to get back lost data using few software rather than when lose from a brain. For now the solution for these are software, helping in retrieving data.

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