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Commercial Office Fit Outs

Excellent post on LCD Monitors.
I want to purchase office supplies for my company.This timing of the post is great for me.

cheap lcd

Great article on lcd tv's. just what we need as technology can be hard to understand for some of us


Great guide. Simplifies some of the things you should think of when looking to buy a new LCD TV.

Electronics Philippines

You have a nice presentation and I enjoyed reading your post. It gives me an idea to buy a new LCD. Thanks for the information.



Well LCD has certainly taken off and it looks like 2009 will be the year of led.

Modern Warfare 2

Playing fast action video games like Modern Warfare 2 on LCD televisions can be a blur due to the lower motion resolution compared to plasma TVs.

medical depression

i bought myself an LCD and -it's fantastic. i dont know what i'd do without it

medical depression

This wuld look absolutely fantastuic is my new office which i just bought.
Hopefully it's HD - (which i think it is.

So, all is good...


This is interesting topic and give many good post. It is very useful and informative.

Cheap  Computers Canada

This sure looks quite innovative but it sure gets a little out of control when it comes to understanding the technicalities.


and now we have come full circle with 3d televisions, the real question is will they take off!

Cheap LCD TVs

I watch alot of tennis and motion is an issue. I'm thinking of upgrading the lcd to something faster.


Great blog just getting through all th einfo thanks!

Iphone LCD Screens

I am also thinking of upgrading the lcd to something faster.

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