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Asimo's Pimp Shuffle

Honda's Asimo demos on their North Hall stage have been drawing large crowds, likely full of people hoping to see the bipedal 'bot take another tumble. Monday's demos didn't come through in that respect, but the gathered onlookeres were instead treated to a different spectacle: Asimo's "running" capabilities. While it may look like a child astronaut urgently needing a restroom (or a child astronaut who has mastered a sort of fast-motion pimp walk), Asimo's four-mph jog—in which both feet leave the ground for a brief .08 seconds at the height of the stride—is nonetheless a pretty amazing sight. —John Mahoney

Check out the little guy warming up and then making the dash below:


Come One, Come All!

It's a given that demo presentations on the CES show floor be completely over the top. But this headset-wearing Intel presenter easily took home Monday's  "most ridiculously enthusiastic carnival hawker" crown. Tuesday's winner will have a lot to live up to. —John Mahoney


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