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Ted R.Roberts

In the tradition of downloading streaming videos (vidkeep.com), what about audio? Same site?


I have an old windows 95 computer and as soon as you boot it, it shows the boot screen and suddenly it goes to command prompt

" C:\"


My computer no longer recognizes my E or F drives. When I try to add hardware, it doesn't help. How do I get these back?

John Mahoney

Ted: excellent question about capturing audio streams from the Web as well as video. Check for a new post here on the blog for some relevant links in a few minutes.

Rohit and Maggie: We'd love to be able to help you with your specific computer problems as we know how frustrating those can be, but here we're looking for more general queries. Thanks!

James Brown

I often get undersized windows after clicking a link. How can I change this to a much preferred full-size window result? [XP system].---Jim


Those little icons at the bottom of the computer next to the time? Yes, those. I have some programs that I can close and they will go there to get out of the way like bittorrents. Can I do that with other programs, like Itunes? And if so, how?


Up tell now I have been using other peoples computers (id est: the schools, my mothers, and my grand mothers) and am going to get my own finnally. will I have to burn all the songs on Itunes to discs or is there an better way?


Is there a way to get rid of those annoying "printer is out of ink" alerts? I use refilled cartridges and I'm sick of all the warnings.


I have some questions about spyware. Is there a program out there that will remove all of the spyware on a computer? Also, what's the best way to erase it for good? Because most times, after doing a scan and deleting, it still exists when I scan again later.


Is there a way to make my external harddrive wireless?


How can I add distortion to a guitar amp that doesn't already have it, without buying something over 10 dollars?

Brian Clemens

What is the best laptop or tablet pc for use in college? (It kinda has to be indestructable, look good, and be at a reasonable price)


Ahn Lab security is a great spyware/virus/ect.protection software. I is SOuth Korean, and go to their english web site to download some software. I works great and it is abuot 40 to 80 bucks.

ryan taylor hull

how do i connect a play station 2 to a computer?

Rebecca Hurst

Where is a good site I can go to to get online tech support? It seems like I am always having issues with my computer and I would like to do some troubleshooting online if possible.


windows95 computer

Many features that became key components of the Microsoft Windows series, such as the start menu and the taskbar, originated in Windows 95. Neil MacDonald, a Gartner analyst, said "If you look at Windows 95, it was a quantum leap in difference in technological capability and stability."


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