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in the words of homer simpson.... holy crap! or maybe just, crap. you work for popsci, folks... what in the *#@* was that? to begin with, how long did it take you to make the two custom length leather straps? more than five minutes, to be sure. how long did you have to look for a belt with a buckle that size? i have never seen a belt like that in my life. wait, i'm sorry, let's start with who in the *&^% would want to do this in the first place? let's assume that you are actually trying to come up with 5 minute projects that someone might want to attempt, and using that assumption lets assume that even one of you has a little pride in what they do. if either of those statements are true, the video i jsut whatched is either the result of complete indifference, or complete ignorance. if this is where my subscription dollars are going, please do a five minute project teaching me how to unsubscribe.


STUPID!! It isn't like it's concealed or anything. Give me a break! Please! Are these seventh grade science students, or what?

William R

Completely innane and a full waste of time. Who in the world a) came up with that and b) voted 'yeah, let's do that'? I was personally ashamed of this one. I've recommended your '5 minute projects' before to others (based on your who value my opinion - and this let me down.

I actually subscribed to this via podcast - I've gone out of my way to hit the site to post this comment.

Intensely lame. Megan Miller: you should be fired. As executive producer you should match this podcast's content with items worthy of the magazine.

Declan R

I thought it was a funny idea and I liked it. I would like to know where they got the custom leather straps though.

Michael Z

Shutup, If you don't like the project, then don't do it! You nobody ever said you had to read this. You are an IDDIOT ssalty48


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