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So from reading these instructions, I could not determine at which point the flash actually triggers the camera to take a picture. Seems the flash will fire but what about the shutter?


The flash does not trigger the camera, it only provides the flash light to the scene. Since the camera is in bulb mode (or set to open for several seconds if yours doesn't have bulb mode), you manually trigger the camera shutter first before the balloon triggers the disposable camera flash to illuminate the scene (remember you are in a completely dark room so onlt the flash lights the scene). Once the flash is over, trigger the camera shutter again to shut the shutter (or wait for the preset shutter timer to shut the shutter.)

Daniel Pendery

Actually, the same circuit can be used to fire the camera shutter so that you don't have to do everything in the dark, yesterday I butchered a cheap RS-80N3 (Canon EOS DSLR Remote) clone and used it with an SCR to trigger the shutter.

It isn't suitable for all subjects though as the point of the flas is that it triggers extremely quickly.


I would like to build one of the high speed flash setups so that it triggers the shutter also as described by Daniel. I'm not too up on cameras or electronics. My question is whats a "SCR to trigger the shutter"???


Where can I find an SCR without having to pay $7 for shipping?


What/where exactly are the cathode and anode pine of the SCR are?


i like this and as for your question jordan (not that you'll probably look back since you posted it 3 days ago but oh well) depending on what SCR you get there should be a way to tell, like a - and + sign, but it all depends on who made it.


it`s a little difficult!!!!!!!!!


Are you using a 2d camera to actually capture the picture or is the disposable camera taking the picture. Have built this, it is highly sensitive to sound no matter what level volume is at, flash activates alot. Can't get it to work with the disposable taking the picture. Too many things going on, the shutter is a cheap piece of plashtic and it falls off in dark, etc.

set the shutter for a bulb or “B” exposure. Cameras that can deliver timed 1-4 second exposures can also work.


Does this SCR work also? Its the MCR100-8 600V 0.8Amp SCR

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