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I can not believe that a (supposedly) reputable magazine would be publishing "how to's" to break the law. It's theft...plain and simple.
Don't you get it??


hmm. I have always wondered weather downloading and registering a program via a keygen online is theft. This fall in the same category, is it realy theft? I mean its not that hard for the apple people to absolutely and totally restrict this kind of stuff. It makes me wonder if they might actually want people to "unlock" all the power of the iPod and the iPhone. This is what pushesh softwear technology forward, People from all over the world trying to figure out how to make a great thing wonderful.


Is it really theft to fully utilize something that you legally purchased? Even if it does violate the pages long user agreement that nobody ever reads, it is all part of their corporate scam to get more money from you for less work on their part. I believe that this kind of stuff should be in the mainstream and is not disreputable at all.


shouldn't phones have the same abilities as computer? a computer can have any program you want, any ISP (Internet Service Provider) you want, and instant messaging. the iphone isn't just a phone, it's a computer also. unless the government makes a law that clearly states you can't hack your own property, than it doesn't matter if at&t get's ticked! Just hope you don't have something go wrong and need Apple to fix it. (Apple refuses to touch unlocked iphones, so if something goes wrong you're in trouble.


how is BUYING an iPhone and personally ALTERING its software theft?

if something is offered for free and you take it what is wrong there?


Is it theft? Your not cracking a phone company to use service for free, your taking an item which is rightfully yours and modding it to be used with a legitemate carrier. It's not theft, unless you believe that it still belongs to Apple after you buy it. And if that's the case, then we shouldn't mod anything should we...


The only thing ILLEGAL about this is the fact that YOU are FORCED to go with ATT AFTER you purchased your IPHONE.

Thats equevilent to me purchasing a car and having to sign a contract after I purchased it to get it serviced at ONLY ONE particular garage no matter what. Thats crazy in my opinion.


Theft? I don't think so. As mentioned, you rightfully purchased a product that is "forced" to AT&T, however the phone companies can't prosecute you even though you agreed to EULA. That's because the Government at least got one thing right by not allowing monopolies with companies, however utilities are another story.


I absolutely agree with mike 100%


I couldn´t agree more...


If I buy a toaster and slap a hello kitty sticker on the side, is that wrong? Dont answer that. If I want Pam Andersons boobs on my wall or on my phone that I purchased, its my choice. If my girlfriend dumps me or my phone breaks in the process, its my choice. My property, my choice! Hey Apple the Nazi regime ended.

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