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Elline Regina

It looks wonderful!!!! I'll try to ask my teacher in science if she will allow us to make one of that.... it's perfect for our investigatory project but it seems that we are going to spend a lot of money... but anyway.... thanks!!!! this website rocks!!! I'm a 1st year student in the Philippines..... thanks for everything!!! God bless!!!

clarizza yang

galing po niyan......pwede ko po bang gawin din yan kc po may investigatory project din kami e,,,

I'am a first year StuDent,,in Saint francis....


Very nice design. I wonder has anyone ever tried doing a prototype as an alternative to the electric and nitro powered RC toys that people use?

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Ethan Adams

Thats WONDERFUL!!!! it looks really cute i must say XD

Make me want to make my own little solar powered rc car hehee

btw did you use portable solar panels in making this?

Btw check out this site it might help you better understand more about solar energy: http://www.buildsolar.net/


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Xaxa small Hammer!!! Very innovative, I am just joking.

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