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David Williamson

I think its because they are MENTALLY DISABLED, duh. I wonder what conclusion I would have come too if I had a college education.

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Hey.. I have gone through the video and found that they are really walking with the help of legs as well as palms.. its ridiculous..!! Means out of my mind, I could never thought like this..

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It is not ridiculous man its pure devotion. hey are handicapped thats why they are working with their palm and legs. I like it.


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I saw this documentary and it is great, this people is very strange but their traditions are very interesting, the way that they walk is very particular, there are a family that walk all fours.


Its really an unbelievable thing. such kind of disease where man still walks like an chimpanzees an there is no cure to it.
Feeling sorry for them with such a kind of disease people are affected and can't cure them.


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I am Agree with Roger ....

Smith ALan

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Hello, this is certainly cool stuff, what a fine attempt. I liked your way of narration...simply beautiful. I'm sure you must have invested a lot of time in investigating the details which are so astonishing and never heard before.


Bioprospecting, as it is called, is rife in this part of the world; not only in Aotearoa/New Zealand but in Western Samoa, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji. As the 1994 Pacific Treaty puts it: `In the continuing quest to locate new resources as well as new sources of knowledge for commercial exploitation, companies (and some governments) have established footholds in the sparsely populated, isolated and vulnerable communities of the Pacific.

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well very interesting article to read on, might be the family members are still living as apes.lols
About four million years ago our distant ancestors did something amazing, something that changed them forever. It is the moment for many that we made the leap from ape to man. but now the things are changing back.

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over excited scientists... don't think this has anything to do with evolution.
Great docco though... was nice of the production team to take them out to the beach and to help set up a few bars so that they could help learn to walk.

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