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Dolores Lear

"Any individual or organization sending out notices that say "Jews killed Christ" and "God hates Jews" should be considered dangerous at a minimum. This venom must be called what it is -- hate."

adamh (yesterday).
"And Red Biddy, you obviously don't even understand the point about the scientific method. Atheism is in no way a science, and relies on unverifiable and unfalsifiable claims. - So, yes, atheists do have something to prove. For their position to be rational, it must be demonstrable that all existence can be explained by mindless processes.
They can not, of course, do this."

Red Biddy (yesterday).
"So if this cannot be demonstrated does this mean, in your view, that all existence could be explained if it is proved there is a mindful process, i.e. God ?
As I said before the onus of proving that God exists is ENTIRELY in your court."

So how do Humans explain the scientific method of all existence? Using a Generic Word 'God' has worked for past centuries.

Today, with High Tech, Humans do Know about the Atom and ElectroMagnetic Force Elements, that make the Universe and Life as we Know it on Planets. Who made them?

'God', or Unknown Source, or Big Bang, The Big Deep, or anything Science or Religion calls it, or GOD as I call it?

Nothing Physical on Earth, can explain this Source of Universes and Life Species, except to say 'God'. How many different versions of GOD are there?

Humans can Know Life on Earth, in Genesis, was Colonized by High Tech Humans, called God/Us. They Reproduced the Adam and Eve Clone Colony in their Human Image.

These Clone Adam and Eve Humans lost their High Tech Science Reproduction, and Body Birth Children, Families, Religions, and Death, etc., began.

Humans have been Dividing and Killing Each Other Ever Since, for their Interpretation of a Supernatural Generic God, who are our Ancestors from Space, in our Human Image.

Humans today, do have the 'Supernatural' Knowledge of Colonizing a Planet, and Reproducing Human Fetus' and Cloning animals in the Lab.

With a High Tech Translation of Scripture and Myth, the Supernatural Acts of Human God/Us in Genesis, can be Known. They are not the GOD of the Elements and the Universes.

Dolores Lear

What is Scripture and Myth?

Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary,
Mythology: The myths and legends of a people concerning creation, gods, and heros.
Scripture: The sacred writings of any people.

Which came First, High Tech Fact, Scripture or Myth?

So Where, What, When and Why are there sacred supernatural writings?
Most Christians today only learn about the Hebrew Writings before Christianity, because they are part of their Bible.

Where did the Writings come from? JHWH, Yahweh, El, Elohim, Abraham, Hebrews, Israelites, Jews, are names most are familiar with.

What came before Abraham? Pagan religions? Or Myths? Which Myths are the Oldest, Gods Jupiter, Mars, etc. Osiris before Jesus? Do all Religions have Myths?

Is the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Religion based on Myth or Fact? How about Hindu, Buddha, and all Eastern Religions? Which Came First, East or West?

Have Humans just accepted these teachings about One God, Many Gods, Trinity Gods, etc. because their Parents and Pastors say their God is the Right God? Why should a Child think differently?

What makes Humans decide which Parents have the the Right God? Environment? The God handed down to Their Parents, from generations of birth, death and rebirth?

What starts a new Religion? Interpretations of Old Scriptures and Myths? We have religions still starting today, breaking off from current religious Denominations.

What encourages Humans to leave the Religion of their parents, to join a different Religion, or to join their spouse's religion?

Belief in a Religion does move in mysterious ways, its message to reach the masses.

What will our High Tech Science bring? A new Supernatural Religion of Gods flying up in the air and out into Space? Or, is this the Way Religion began on Earth, 'in the beginning' in Genesis accepted by many Religious Humans?

Was the High Tech Knowledge of God/Us in Genesis lost, and Religion began as the Result?

Did Humans without High Tech Science write about the Supernatural Way the Gods Colonized Earth and Reproduced Humans, not by Body Birth, but supernaturally?

Would a High Tech Science Translation of all Supernatural Writings, in All Religions, Prove there is the Same Supernatural High Tech Element in all of them, that we Know about today?

Dolores Lear

"Yesterday: Delores said, “Body Birth made 7 billion Killer Humans on Earth since 1900. Why overpopulate the Planet? God is not in control. Humans Are. - Iggy to Susan:"The argument is always "god's word" was perverted, misunderstood, sin stood in the way, etc."

All writings of Religion and Myth, through many translations, still has the Original High Tech Knowledge in it, when translated by High Tech Science.

Genesis 1:26a-27a. KJV. "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:. - And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it;"

I accept Verse 27a., was added by Body Birth Humans when they translated these writings. How would they Know Humans could Reproduce a female from the male rib by High Tech?

When Humans Search the Scriptures and Myth with a High Tech Science Translation, that we have today, the High Tech Science in these writings will be easy to separate, as to High Tech Humans or Natural Humans..

Atlantis is recorded as Myth, but it was a High Tech Human Society like we are today. Many of the writings in the accepted Christian Bible have their High Tech Science that also were about the Noah/Atlantis Society before the Planetary Flood.

We have High Tech Humans today, and still some natives that still live without High Tech, but Humans with High Tech have retaken most of the usable land on Earth.

Atlantis split down the middle and sank. Planet Earth was all one land mass at Colonization. It also split down the middle as shown on our flat maps, and sank.

If Saved Humans passed on this Knowledge about Atlantis, what did Humans call it? Supernatural? Noah and Atlantis, were the same past event in the History of Life on Earth.

Today we also Know how to Colonize Planets, and would go by the Steps/Days in Genesis. So what is Supernatural about Colonization, to High Tech Humans today?

What is Supernatural today, about making a Human Perfect Fetus in the High Tech lab, without sex to the female?

With High Tech Womb Perfect Reproduction, Defective Human Body Birth would be a Sin.

Dolores Lear

" In 1980, the Arab region had 150 million people. In 2007, it was home to 317 million people, and by 2015 its population is projected to be 395 million. Some 60 percent of this population is under the age of 25, and they will need 51 million new jobs by 2020."

This is an example of the population explosion from 1 billion people in 1900, to almost 7 billion today. This is a problem worldwide, and if something is not done about Uncontrolled Pleasure sex, how much more population can our Planet support.

There are millions of starving and homeless people already. Will it take a Nuclear War to do away with the Overload of Passengers on our Home Planet?

We are almost our of land area for Humans to live on. We are building High Rise Buildings to live in. A lot of the area for food growing is getting ruined.

War would be easier to do away with Humans, like in the Past? Even with the Revolution and Civil War, and other Wars in the USA, and the Planet, the population has escalated.

War is easier to control population, than trying to tell the Humans in a Please Sex Explosion, to have Safe Sex, or tie their reproductive tubes, to Prevent Pregnancy.
Celibacy, and Nunneries have not Controlled the Population.

Since the 1940s, all types of Preventives for Pregnancy has resulted, but has not slowed down the Human Birth Explosion.

It would help if all Christian Males would follow Jesus and practice Celibacy, like he and the males of his movement did. But that would not work if the rest of the World kept on Reproducing. It would just do away with Christians.

The Jews and Arabs, who also have the Same One God/Us in Genesis, do not have a person like Jesus in their religion, that taught about Male Celibacy, and was made part of the Godhead.

Many Religions around the Planet have Celibate Monks and Nuns. Where did these teachings come from? After the Adam and Eve Male and Female Clone Colony were Reproduced Supernaturally, not Reproduced by Body Birth, they started Reproducing Defective Children, 'in the beginning' of Life on Earth?

So where does the Human Race go to from here? Go Celibate and Reproduce Humans in the High Tech Lab, as needed?

Or, Continue Toxic Pollution of their Home Planet and Ozone Canopy, and Eco System, and a Nuclear Planetary War, that will Kill us All anyway?

And our Earth Home will be a Dead Planet like Mars.

Dolores Lear

Counting how many people belong to a certain religion does what? Cause more Human problems and divisions, from Competitions to Who has the Best God?

Where did God come from? Before Humans were on our Earth, null and void?
How many different Gods were there in the Past, and how many are there today?

Why do Humans need Gods to Worship, instead of using their Minds and Hands to Take Care of their Home Planet? Why are Humans building Temples of wood, brick and stones to God, and not Taking Care of Gods Temple, Planet Earth, which is dying?

Now that we have High Tech 'Super' Natural Knowledge, is 'Supernatural' as important today, as it was to Natural Humans?
Such as Creating Life on a Planet, and Creating a Female from the Male Rib?

Like Gods and Angels flying up in the air in fiery chariots, and Gods and Angels appearing and talking to Humans, face to face. Did this mean literally face to face?

And Human, Jesus, going up into the air and out into Space with the Father of Life on Earth? Was this Father a Human also, that walked, and talked to Humans face to face?
So are Gods literal Humans or Spirits?

And the God of Christians, the Majority of Humans on Earth at this time, is Three Persons in One God, Father (Human or Spirit), Son a Human, and Holy Spirit, a Spirit?

So does counting Religious Humans make the Majority God on Earth, the Real God? Or is the Real God of All Religions, the Same One Living God, 'in our Human Image', in Genesis?

Dolores Lear

'How about live as a X in the real world and try to get along in all of society instead of just the X society."

These teachings of being separate from the rest of the world, came from Jesus' Movement of Celibate Males that were not to Live as the Heterosexual Male lived.

This was not a new idea with Jesus. At his time there were the Essens Communes. And other Holy Celibate Males/Monks that lived separate from Society.

300 years later, Instead of separating from the Jewish and Roman Society, the Jewish and Roman Christians, began another Religion. It did not include Male Celibacy like Jesus taught.

We still have Monks, Priests and Nuns that live in Separate Housing. But Christian Heterosexual Humans cannot live separate from the rest of the world. They make up the larger percentage of Humans.

And Celibate Humans came from Heterosexual Birth, as well as GLBTs.
Jesus' fetus was artificially inseminated into Mary, by the Holy Spirit. Other Sons in the Christian Bible, were also inseminated into Barren Females by God or Angels.

We do artificial insemination today, by High Tech Science/the Holy Spirit. And also Clone animals. All this Supernatural Cloning and Birth, in Scripture and Myth is not supernatural today.

Are Humans going to accept the Supernatural in Religion and Myth was High Tech Science? Will we start Translating All Scripture and Myth with High Tech?

And find the Truth of High Tech Eternal Human Asexual Physical Male and Female Clone Life, After Birth, on Planets and in Spaceships? Like God/Us and the Angels, in our Image?

Or, Keep Killing Each Other and our Home Planet, no matter our Sexual or Religious preference, until Life as we Know it cannot Exist on Earth?

Dolores Lear

"Racism and religion" - I continue to find encouragement when I see people of faith making special efforts to get this right."

What is right with all the faiths on Planet Earth? What is Faith? Faith in Human Teachings about a God. How many different Human Faiths about a God of the Universe and Planet Earth are there?

The Universe and Planets are the Temple of the ONE GOD. How many parts of this GOD are in the Gods of Earth?

Acts 17:22-25. KJV. "Then Paul stood in the midst of Mar's hill, and said, Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious.
For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an alter with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you.
God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands;
Neither is worshipped with men's hands, as though he needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath and all things;
And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and bounds of their habitation;"

This Unknown GOD in verse 23, is the Force, not a Human, that made the Universe of Elements Seen and Unseen. GOD is not a Human Person made from the Elements.

The God in verse 24 is the God/Us, our Human Ancestors, in Genesis that Colonized Earth.

From all the Gods on Earth, we are like the people of Athens. Our cities are full of the temples of the many Man-Made Gods on Earth today.

The Universe and our Home Planet are the Temple of GOD/LIFE.


Dolores Lear


Truth Matters.

Genesis, a Human record of Life on Earth, does have High Tech Science Knowledge, Translated as Supernatural by Natural Humans, without High Tech Knowledge.

Religious Writings, and the Myth of High Tech Atlantis, etc., have Supernatural/High Tech Knowledge.

Science, has Solved the Mysteries of the the Universe Elements, Visible and Invisible, that make Life as we Know it.

The Source of these Elements of LIFE is not known. No Human God, in our Human Image, could make these Elements. High Tech should be used to Solve these Mysteries.

Humans in God's Image can fly up in the air and out into Space. Humans can Reproduce a Human Fetus in the Lab, but so far have not reproduce a Human without Body Birth, like God did in Genesis.

Human Energy, and Resources on Earth, are used for Evil Pollution, and Killing Each Other and our Home Base Planet, with our High Tech.
Why not use our Resources for Good High Tech Eternal Physical Life After Birth?

What Good does it do for Earth, to keep counting the Members of Religious Organizations, and then Killing Members of Religious Organizations, and All Life?

What happened to God telling Humans to Share the Earth's Resources, and Take Care of All Life Species on Earth, and our Home Planet?

Is this what Religion teaches? Or, are we taught as a Child, to Worship Man-Made Gods in our Image, and build Pagan Temples to these Earth Gods?

Dolores Lear

"Especially since 9/11, people have been trying to figure out the minds of terrorists. What makes them tick? Why do they do what they do?"


When in the History of our Killer Human Society, have there not been terrorists, since Adam and Eve made Children by Body Birth? Cain the First Terrorist Murderer for Abel. Or is this new word?

As a child we were told to beware of the boogyman. Was he a terrorist? Why is it usually the male that is the terrorist?

Does God of Each Group of Humans make Terrorists? Or is God the Terrorist? Who was the Killer God in the Old Testament? A Terrorist?

Was the Creator Peace God 'in the beginning', the same Killer God in the Old Testament? Or is this just a result of translations of Man-Made Religious Writings and Myth?

Why is the USA considered a Christian Country, when they were the first with an atom bomb, and used it to terrorize Japan?

Is the USA the One Terrorist Military Power on Earth today, because God let us have the most weapons of mass destruction?

Is there something Wrong with Humans trained as a Child, about their Gods that Accepts Humans Killing Each Other, and our Home Planet?

Has the USA been Blessed by God and Jesus, with the most weapons of mass destruction? I hear people all the time, saying "Thank you Jesus". What kind of God of Love is this? A Human Man-Made God?

Is it time for Humans to figure out their Man-Made God Religions, and Why They Do What They Do, for God and Country?

Dolores Lear

"John Brown's War Against Slavery", by Robert E. McGlone.
"Especially since 9/11, people have been trying to figure out the minds of terrorists. What makes them tick? Why do they do what they do? -
Finally, they dehumanize their victims by objectifying them into 'savages' or 'satantic fiends,' or assigning them to other categories that render them incapable of suffering or responsive only to brute force."

This is what President G.W. Bush Government, did to Saddam Hussein after 9/11.

A group in the 1990s were involved with Pre-emptive War. And some, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle, were part of Bush's Cabinet.

Dick Cheney was part of Jimmy Carter's Government, and was involved with the Fall of the Shaw of Iran. Cheney also picked himself as Vice President.
I accept Cheney was the Power behind the throne of President G.W. Bush.

All the costs of the war, were not so much for the soldiers equipment, as to build the massive U.S. Embassy Green Zone Military Complex with all the padding of costs by contractors.


Matthew 15:18,19. KJV. (Jesus) "For those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:"

The USA is a Christian Country in Majority Religion Only. Not a Christian Lifestyle of Peace and Equal Sharing of Resources, like Jesus taught as a Lifestyle.

Mouth worship ends in Hate and War, since Cain killed Abel.

Dolores Lear

There cannot be Human Religious Harmony on Earth, anymore than there can be Government Harmony. Humans are Divided by Generation Birth, Death, and Rebirth.

In Genesis God/Us were High Tech Male and Female Clone Helpmeeets, not Mates, that Reproduced Adam and Eve Clones. Earth was Colonized by these Perfect Humans, with High Tech Eternal Physical Life After Birth.

The Purebred Human Clone Colony, made Human Unequal Body Birth Mates, and Body Birth Human Children began Sacrificing/Killing Humans and their Earth Home.

Sacrifice Body Birth results: Human Genetic and Physical Birth Defects, Hate, Division, Fornication, GLBTs, Pedophiles, Many Religions/Governments, Pollution, Killing, Wars, Nuclear Bombs, etc.

Our Dying Earth is the Result of Human Sacrifices, instead of Caretaking.
Earth is a Spaceship, for Harmony and Equal Sharing of Resources, like in Spaceship Living in the ISS. .

The Lifestyle Quest today, is for our Generation to learn to Live on our Earth Spaceship, with Equality and a Sharing Lifestyle After Birth, before we Sacrifice our Whole Planet.

Will Humans today ever Know what happened, to make Perfect Humans 'in the beginning', reproduce Defective Children and start Human Sacrifice Killing, of All Life and our Earth Home?

Dolores Lear

Bill: Why do Scientists not project Colonization on Planet Earth?

All the back and forth about Creation Science and Evolution. Which came first on Earth?

Since the 1800s when Evolution was brought into focus, the two Theories are getting nowhere with our High Tech Science for the past 100 years.

In the mid 1900s, Scientists projected Colonizing a Planet. Why was it ignored? With High Tech Spaceships, Human could Colonize other Planets like Earth.

Creation Science and Intelligent Design both involve High Tech Science. So why not just call it High Tech Colonization, and try to prove if that 'was' how Life on Earth was Created?

The Challenge between Evolution and High Tech Colonization could come to terms with Evolution happening on another Planet, and those High Tech Humans, God/Us in Genesis, Colonizing Earth.

How the Elements came into Being, is impossible by Human Beings made from the Elements, even with High Tech Science.

Who or What made the Universe and Planets would be beyond anything Humans could Solve, since they are made from the Elements of Visible and Invisible Life, in Space and on Planet Earth.

It is past time, to call this a God and a Holy Spirit like Religion has. GOD has nothing to do with God/Us in Genesis that Created Life on Earth and Reproduced Male and Female Humans in their Human Image, recorded as supernatural by Humans without High Tech.

Humans today, do make a Human Fetus in the Lab in our Image, and Clone Animals today. This was impossible for Humans without High Tech Science 100 years ago.

The Religious Eternal Human Life, is for the Living High Tech Humans after Birth, on Planets and in Spaceships, like God/Us in Genesis, in our Image that came to Earth.

It is past time for Humans to add Colonization to the mix, as to how Life began on our Earth Home., 'in the beginning'.

Dolores Lear

Ever since Purebred Adam and Eve Humans Reproduced Misbred Humans, they have been Killing Each Other and their Home Planet.

Society today does reproduce a Human Fetus in the Lab. So it is not impossible to reproduce Human Life on a Planet by High Tech, as did God/Us in Genesis 1, 2., in their Human Image.

So what have Christians and Religious Children of a Religious God, and GOD/LIFE, learned from Wars and Rumors of Wars, since WW2, 70 years ago?

Allegiance to Country before their Religious God and GOD/LIFE? Does being a Conscientious Objector to War mean standing up for a Religious God or GOD/LIFE?

Or going to jail for your God belief, like Cassius Clay/Ali Mohammad did in WW2?

What do Atheists of GOD/LIFE do when it comes to War?

Are there Atheist Conscientious Objectors also?
Were Atheists also Some of the USA Religious Citizens that fled to Canada in WW2?


What does Serving a Religious God, or GOD/LIFE mean?

It is Time to Translate Religious Scripture and Myth to Accept High Tech Peace Humans, in our Image, did Colonize Earth, and Reproduce Peace Prebred Caretaker Human Clones.

They fell to the Lower Nature of Natural Reproduction, and Reproduced Killer Humans with Generation Birth, Death and Rebirth.

Defective Humans began Killing Each Other and our Home Planet Base.
What do Fallen Humans do now?

Call upon the Name of the Lord God in Genesis? Or Which Name? GOD/LIFE?

Dolores Lear

(A Meeting in a Church) "a way for people of faith to hear from other people of faith about how their own faith traditions inform their thinking about health care."

How many faith traditions inform humans about their health care? Most are about their Life After Death in Heaven, where all will be Alive in Perfect Bodies. No pain, sorrow, crying, etc. Only Peace, Equal Sharing, and Happy.

Why not teach this on Earth, like Jesus did, with Equal Sharing of Resources for All members in his Celibate Male Movement?

Do Religions teach Members, and people of faith hear from other people of faith, about their Government Health Care?

Are most members of faith, from the different Parties of Government, that each have a different Health Care Plan? Would this cause dissent among Church Members?

Which Government Party gives Equality to All Citizens, Religious or Atheists, Rich or Poor? Only Retired Humans get Equal Coverage from the Government, and then they can also pay more premium and get better Care than Other Citizens. Why?


What happened to "indivisible, with liberty and justice for all" USA Citizens? Was this only since the early 1900s, when this Pledge was made Legal for All Citizens in Government?

Why does the USA like all Religious or Atheist Countries, have Billionaires and Needy Citizens?

How does the USA Government give Justice and Equality, and Health Care for All Citizens? By Being "One Nation, Under God"? Which God?

Dolores Lear

Are there 2 distinct sexes? Did God make ALL the different sexes? Heterosexuals and GLBTs?

God did not make all the different sexes, Humans did through Body Birth Reproduction.
In Genesis, God/Us Cloned Humans in their Image, no Children.

God/Us Reproduced the Female from the Male Rib, and made Equal Asexual Male and Female Clone Helpmeets. They were 2 distinct sexes, but One Genetic and Physical Soul Mate.

With High Tech Regeneration, Either Celibate male or female could be used to repair each other if accidents happened. And if one accidentally died, a new Clone of either sex could be Reproduced.

High Tech Reproduced Human Equal Male and Female Clone Helpmeets, do have Eternal Physical Life After Birth on Planets and in Spaceships.

This is the Only Way for the High Tech Human Species, to have One Soul Helpmeet for Eternal Physical Life After Birth. Fallen Body Birth Humans keep looking for their Other Half or Soul Mate, with different Genetics.

Not possible with Body Birth. So they have sex with other Heterosexual males and females, or GLBTs, all looking for the Fulfillment of their Soul Mate.

Instead of using High Tech for Better Humans, Body Birth Multi-sexual Humans made Atomic and Nuclear Bombs, by dividing the Atoms. Instead of joining the atom in Fusion High Tech, they made Toxic Waste,

The Gospel Truth is, Earth was Colonized by High Tech Clone Humans. This High Tech Knowledge in Genesis, can be Proved with our High Tech Science today.

We are experimenting on Cloning Humans and Animals, and Colonizing Planets with our Spaceships.

What else should High Tech be used for, except for blowing up a Home Planet?

Eternal Physical Life is for the Living Humans After High Tech Perfect Birth, on Planets and in Spaceships.

Dolores Lear

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."


This Pledge was written in the 1890s and was made part of Government in 1942.

Citizens need to work on Equality of Jobs for All. Why do some jobs pay billions of dollars, and some pay minimum wage? Because God makes Unequal Humans? Or do Humans make Unequal Humans? Who is in charge of Planet Earth?


Similar comments are still going on in all phases of Life on Earth, not just in the USA. The Past History of Earth is Inequality of All Brothers/Sisters of LIFE. Why?

The Original Sin of the Perfect Peace Humans that God made 'supernaturally', who then began Reproducing Imperfect Killer Humans, by Body Birth?

What other example for Sin, is there. Just Disobeying does not work. Disobeying How? By taking over Reproduction from God?

With our High Tech today, we Know Humans in a High Tech Lab can correct Genetic and Physical Mistakes that Humans get from Body Birth. So Body Birth is the Original Sin to make Defective Genetic and Physical Humans?

Or, did God make Defective Humans when he made the female from the male rib?

With our High Tech today, we do 'Create' a Human fetus in the lab, and with a High Tech Womb could reproduce a Human Being. Was this Possible 'in the beginning' by God/Us, in our Human Image, that reproduced a Female from the Male Rib?

Sound like High Tech today, instead of the 'Supernatural' of 100 years ago?

Should our Unequal Birth Labor Day Celebration, start looking for Ways to make High Tech Birth Life more Equal for All?

Dolores Lear

A Comment:
"We should live in the real world and promote science. - It is strange the notions some people get attached to."

I live in the real world, and promote High Tech Science Human Eternal Physical Life After Birth on Planets and in Spaceships. But everyone thinks it is strange the notions I get attached to.

Why is God/Us, High Tech Science Humans, in our Image, Colonizing Planets and traveling in Spaceships, strange notions for Humans in the past, and for Humans in the present?

We Reproduce a Human Fetus in the lab, why not finish the job in a High Tech Womb? Impossible? God/Us in Genesis made Human Females, supernaturally from the Male Rib. Were they Physical Human 'Beings' or Spirit 'Beings', in our Human Image?

Were the Adam and Eve Clones, Real People or Spirits? Are Humans on Earth descendant from Spirit 'Beings' or Human 'Beings?

Are Religious Scriptures and Myth about Spirit 'Beings', and was their Science Fiction in that Civilization, like we have Science Fiction about Space Humans today?

Or is Religious Scriptures and Myth about real Human Beings, that Supernaturally Colonized Earth in Spaceships?

Was Scripture and Myth Human Fiction Writings, and Life on Earth Evolved the last 100 years, up to our High Tech Science today Real Truth Writings?

"It 'is' strange the notions some people get attached to."

Dolores Lear

Do Fundamental Christians, ever teach how Jesus, a Celibate Jew, had a Celibate Male Movement Lifestyle of Equal Sharing of their Resources? Then 300 years later, how was this Handed Down Information used, to make Jesus part of a Trinity God?

Jesus a Jew of One God Beliefs, was declared Equal to the Three 'Persons' of the Godhead, of Father, Son and Holy Spirit by Romans.

This was not in the Jewish Holy Scriptures. But Jesus was made a Trinity God, by Man-Made Creeds.

A New Bible was put together over time, called the Old Testament and the New Testament. Printing was invented, and these Holy Bibles, depend on what books are included, depending on the different Divisions of Christianity. Which Denomination has the Truth of God?


How many different Religions on Earth accept the Book of Genesis?


After 2000 years of the Christian Religion, it is Time to Translate the 'Supernatural' Events in the Bible, with our High Tech Science today.

Simple answers to complex questions: 'High Tech Colonization', 'High Tech Human Cloning', A 'High Tech Lab Complex' in the Garden of Eden, etc., for New Translations today.

The Supernatural in Religion and Myth is not 'super'natural today. So Why should Genesis Writings, and all Scripture and Myth, still be translated as supernatural Gods instead of High Tech Astronauts?

Dolores Lear

When are Humans eyes to open to see the Last Days Holocaust, the Planetary Fire Holocaust Humans have set up on our Home Planet?

Where did the LIFE Elements come from to make our Universe? Can Humans, made from the Elements, Know their Origins? Evolution, or Supernatural Creation Science?

Where Do Humans Go when we die Physically? Back to Elements?
With High Tech Science, Humans do Know we are made Visible Life, from Invisible LIFE Elements.

When Visible Life Dies, the Atoms/Body decay back into 'Dirt'. But where does the Soul/ElectroMagnetic Elements go? Back into our atmosphere? Do Humans Know?

When the Universe Elements get out of Balance, they implode into a Black Hole. Black Holes do reexplode to keep Life as we Know it, Eternal, on Planets, with High Tech Human Travel.

Today's High Tech Humans are tying up Earth's Life Elements, in a Population Explosion.
And Nuclear Waste, that does not decay to be used again.

What will happen to our Eco System when it gets too many Elements tied up, in unnecessary Waste? That is why our Ozone Canopy is thinning.

Humans have Overpopulated our Land area, that is turning the Land area into deserts.

Why is our Nuclear Waste stacking up on our Planet, and Overpopulation of Humans are running out of Land for Dumps? What is Wrong with the Human Species?

Will High Tech Evolution Humans End Up, by making Earth's Surface a Fire Pit Holocaust?

Did Perfect Humans the High Tech God made, Fall, and now Evolved Again, up to High Tech, and are making Earth's Surface a Fire Pit Holocaust?

Let there be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with 'Who'? Christians? Atheists? Any Human? Or, by the return of an Earth Man-Made Human Peace God?

Is 'Life' After Death, Somewhere Else, where Humans will find Peace from their Man-Made Planetary Holocaust?

Dolores Lear

"True Definition of CHRISTIAN HISTORY DENIER.. - (This of course flies in the face of legitimate mainstream historical scholarship..."

What is legitimate mainstream historical scholarship? How many mainstream ideas are there on Planet Earth. Who are 'the true Christian History' Deniers'?
Who is a True Follower of Celibate Jesus?

How many Denier Divisions are there in Christianity? Which one is True?
How many Races, Religions, Atheists, Governments, Families, etc., are mainstream and True?

How is the USA, One Nation with Liberty and Justice for All, so Divided? We have Federal, State, County and City Governments? How many Religions in One City?

How many Races, and Family Heritage are there with Ethnic Teachings? How many Humans in One City, have the same Genetic and Family Heritage Environment? No two Family Members, have the same Environment, when exposed to different friends, sports, job, etc.

Is it possible with www. to have One Language, One Government, and One Equal Living Environment for All Humans, on One Planet? How does Earth function with all the Different Environments? With Hate, Inequality, War and Rumors of War?

How can Humans raised as a Child with their Family Truth, be able to cope with the Family Truth of another Child, in the same Neighborhood? Let alone in the next City, State or different Country?

So who is a Christian History Denier, or any History Denier of Someone Else's Truth?

The Truth of the History in a Human High Tech Birth Society, is different from the Truth in a Body Birth Society.


Another response to the pollinator question. Your argument is flawed in the assumption that angiosperms (flowering plants) were asexual then jumped to reproducing sexually with pollinators. You have to look at a phylogenetic tree for plants. Plants have been producing sexually for a long time, far longer than angiosperms have been around. Even when plants had yet to colonize land they still reproduced through sex with atleast one gamete motile.
When they adapted to terrestrial environments a number of obstacles had to be overcome, and one was the issue of reproduction. I won't go into too much detail but will cut to the chase. Eventually plants started using wind to disperse pollen (gymnosperms, think pine tree) to the female structures. Now say an individual plant offers some nutrients near the pollen. Flies will eat most anything, and in truth, looking at a species level, most pollinators are flies. A pollinator would identify this specific species of plant with some nutrient then search for other plants of the same species, regardless if they offered the reward. The individuals offering the nutrients would have better fitness. Now just elaborate on this, individuals that advertise their reward, or nectar, will have better fitness and higher reproductive success.
So yes there are some incredible examples of mutualism but that does not disprove evolution. In fact intimate relationships such as these and arms races with parasites offer some of the most fascinating avenues for research.

Dolores Lear

I do not Know how to tie in Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, etc., from Myth into High Tech Science today.

These Myths were writings about the Planets, by the High Tech Noah/Atlantis Society and then translated by Humans without High Tech.

A High Tech translation of Myths, may reveal their Past Knowledge of the Planets, and if they were in Contact with the other Planets, before the Planetary Flood.

Our efforts in the late 1900s, to Contact other Life with radio signals, so far have made no Contact. We also sent out Space Probes.

The Books, after Genesis, used in the Christian Old Testament, were about the Lifestyle of the Killer Atlantis/Noah Society before the Flood.

Humans today, with our High Tech Science Knowledge of Colonization and Clone Reproduction, are still arguing over how Life began on Earth, and which God is the Real GOD.

Humans are busy making more and more Man-Made Religions, and translating the Bible the same Way, handed down by Generation Birth, Death, and Rebirth.

And arguing over Supernatural Creation or Evolution. But No High Tech Colonization in the Past, only for today.

The High Tech Clones Helpmeet Humans, not made by Body Birth, did start Reproducing by Body Birth. Their High Tech was lost, and all the Human Problems began, with Hate and Killing, and a Planetary Flood. Pagan Man-Made Religions, continue to be Made today.

Only Today, Humans Can Kill Our Home Planet, for the Last Time, with our Pollution, Nuclear Waste and Bombs on land and sea, and a Planetary Fire, that will stop our Killer Society from succeeding in Space, like the Noah/Atlantis High Tech Society was stopped.

The Planet is loaded with Churchs and Humans that say they Love God. What kind of Morals and Love do Humans have on Earth, to Kill Each Other and their Home Planet?

Dolores Lear


On a flat map, Earth's land mass is divided down the middle, through the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean. The Split also happened to Atlantis, not a small land mass, but All of Planet Earth before the Planetary Flood.

That is why no one today, can find the ruins of Atlantis, but only bones and megalithic remains, of the High Tech World before the Planetary Flood. Not from Evolution.

The Planetary Flood lasted over 1 year. Noah was 701 years old.

Genesis 8:13a, 14. "And it came to pass in the six hundredth and first year, in the first month, the first day of the month, the waters were dried up from off the earth: - And in the second month, on the seven and twentieth day of the month, was the earth dried. (And Noah went forth from the Ark).

As Humans again repopulated the New Top Strata, they recorded in many parts of the Planet, their remembered History before this Catastrophe.

Result all the many Religions were handed down from the survivors, and metaphor began on all these writings, on many parts of our Planet, by Generation Birth, Death, and Rebirth. And these writings are still being used to start many more Religions, using past metaphors.

Today the Planet is Overpopulated with 7 Billion Humans, and with our High Tech Explosion the Past 100 years, all the different Societies on Earth can communicate Planetwide.

When the God Scriptures from all the Humans that were Saved are Translated with High Tech, God is a metaphor for Life, and our High Tech Human Ancestors that Colonized Earth, 'in the beginning', can become Literal Reality, not a God metaphor.

"Look, the reality is that our words are always metaphor -. They point to a reality.."

Dolores Lear

"the reality is that our words are always metaphor. They point to a reality but are never the reality themselves,. - a certain inexactness about them. The word God can never be God."

God, and other designations of God, as metaphors, were used by Saved Humans all over the Planet, to Record their History, After the Year-long Planetary Noah Flood in Genesis.

And, also the writings about the High Tech Atlantis metaphor, that split down the middle and sank. Many any other Flood stories, and Supernatural Gods, were Were Written by other Saved Humans on other parts of the Planet.

With a High Tech Translation of Genesis, it will Prove the Flood lasted 1 year, 1 month, and 27 days. Atlantis is used as the name of a High Tech Country, like America is used for the USA. Atlantis was not a small Land Mass, that Sank, but the Whole Planet.

'Atlantis/Planet Earth, did split down the middle, and the Planet was covered with water. as recorded in Genesis.

In Genesis 7 is one story that was saved. Noah, 600 years old, his wife, and 7 sons went into the Ark. 7 days. The rain began a week later.

Genesis 7:11. KJV. "In the six hundredth year of Noah/s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened." 47 days.

This is when the Earth's Ice Canopy fell to Earth and settled at the new Poles. The Axis was tipped, and the Land Surface was broken into the Continents. Before this, the land mass was in One area, and the Axis was balanced, it was not tipped as it is today.


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Thanks for the new link! I had never seen this "first" post. I lovelovelove that you share your processes.

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