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Whether or not it will benefit the brain is hard to say. Though, personally no longer being in school and no longer having to focus my mental energy on things with the same intensity, I can feel my mind getting more sluggish as the days tick past. If anything it may just keep the gears in your head greased to prevent things from running down.

Of course, all of that could probably be undone in one night of heavy drinking. Maybe they should advertise it as a post-hangover cure to get back to equilibrium.

part of a complete breakfast: coffee, aspirin, brain age.


Games have kept our brains alive since the early days of tennis (two rectangles and one dot). With the slow start as only reflex trainers, games have evolved to terrifyingly complex brain training tools, this game in particular is not so revolutionary, except for the fact that it publicly claims as part of the marketing plan, that it is good for your brain. Some games have evolved computer A.I so much, that gamers are now involved in different and complex social puzzles, contributing to great brain stamina at all levels of intelligence.


It's true--humans have been gaming in various forms for a long, long time, which has undoubtedly played a role in the brain's development. And even if Brain Age doesn't have any big benefits, it probably can't hurt, right? I guess parents everywhere will have to find a substitue for the "those games will rot your brain!" excuse.


Everytime something like this happens, I buy a new game system. There is always that game that makes me buy the system.

Grand Theft Auto for the Playstation 2

Oblivion for the Xbox 360

Now this.


I like to build things, create, play sudoku, mazes, word finds, all that stuff. I even bought one for my cell phone, and had a great time with it. Then I bought the Brain Exercises for my phone, and not only do I see improvement on that BE games, my scores on other games has SHOT up, by about 10%, in only a couple of weeks. I also have more energy at work (I work on the computer) -perhaps because my brain is more active.)

Just one person's opinion. It's challenging, fun, and has been helpful to me. (I have Verizon - don't know what other phones will accept it)
At the least, it's a bunch of fun, quick mini-games. Enjoy!

Puzzles Sudoku

Brain age was included with my Nintendo DS. Unfortunately, my brain age is not great. I need to train my brain more often.

Health News

This is a wonderful site. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.

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