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I wonder if there is any way for a large group of concerned citizens to get together and have these draconian laws squashed?


Yes, we call themm political parties. Unfourtunately, the sheep will flock to any candidate who promises security against the terrorists (so long as the candidate is white, male, christian, homophobic, racist, anti-choice, [possessing a healthy dose of hidden sexism], and speaks in a way that tells of either uneducation or pure idiocy).
If people would get off their fat lazy asses, and think about what's going on for a minute, they'd realize that the conservative agenda is nearly as big a threat to freedom as the terrorists are.


Correction: not conservative agenda -- Bush Republican Agenda


Yo, dawg its tight but I need the dirt homeslice. Whut yall really wanna know. I know it aint no e-mail thang. Hit me up wid a reply


I think now, with all these reports of political corruption, on both sides of the perverbial coin there is a prime opportunity for a third party to emerge on a anti-corruption platform. (I would give money and vote for such a party)

Wake Up

This is not a Republican or a Democratic issue since they are 2 sides of the same coin. This is an Orwellian-Fascist control issue. Think about it. The internet is the last sanctuary of free and universal enlightenment. Those who control our media, "Corporate Big Whigs, work in unison with our "Political Leaders" to create disinformation and propaganda to dumb down our culture and intellect so we do not ask REAL QUESTIONS and that we remain blinded to the truth. The internet is the biggest thorn in their side and now they are using these "Trojan Horse Issues" of child porn, viruses, and a 2-tiered system to attack it. We need to wake up and fully understand these "Trojan Horse Issues" and the intentions of the people behind them so that we can fight their attempts to further control us.

the whatcher

I can't believe the fact the American public is so willing to give away their freedoms for the false sense of security. This great nation is turning into more of a fascist Nazi Germany, and all because we allow our politicions to do so, all with out our say. They claim that there doing it to protect us, when the truth is they want to know what the American People are doing all the time. They want to know what we eat, when and where we sleep, even when we use the Bathroom. My question is how far are we going to allow our government to go in order to prove a false sense of security?


It's not so much Republican or Conservative as it is any and all governments fuelled and controlled by our brand of Corporate Capitalism. All of us Citizens who live in this wonderland of comfort and excess, drawn to ever-increasing and improving personal wealth, health and toys want to keep the good times coming as long as possible, never mind the signs that point to soon-to-be realized shortages of oil, overpopulated cities stranded for resources, and our ever-increasing (capitalism requires growth and expansion) need for more, more, more...Yes, we as citizens, fat, dumb, and happy, will give the government whatever it takes to keep us that way. We are our own worst enemies...


Im not against capitalisim, in fact I think it has worked the best so far in allowing Joe Blow to become a millionaire if he has a good idea and the motivation to get it out there. I also see a need for a third party organization that has its own checks and balances to be set up to "police" corperate America.

As a voting American I will be letting my voice be heard loud and clear by voting Demecrat across the board, that is unless a viable Third Party emerges from the ashes of the Raped and Defiled American political process.

Get the Word out! Hit every Blog you can, every BBS and every Chat Room. You are still the boss of all these political fat aristocrats, Vote the Bums out!

defcon pilot

There is a reason for this, and it's more than likely wealth. Hell, it's almost always wealth. Hitler did what he did to get the Jew's money and the fruits of their labor. Bush is doing this so that he will be able to censor anything he feels is "not right" and to continue doing what he does without the public complaining, that being enriching the 5% who already have most of the nation's wealth and making money for himself via the huge campaign "contributions" the fat cats give to him for all his "great efforts". I agree with The Whatcher; Our nation is turning into a Nazi Germany. And we sit, ignorant and arrogant, completely satisfied that the government is blasting our rights out from under our feet.


defcon pilot

Get out there and vote come November. There is one thing I just cant stand and thats people complaining and then not voting, Im not saying you're the type to do that, just stating my opinion. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTY VOTE!


Will this affect overseas countries?
I would be pissed off if my own government was watching my internet usage, but if some other country was watching me I would have something to say about it!

And would the 2-tiered system be a global thing?

If they bring these things in then your governmet will have gone too far. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, VOTE THEM OUT!!! I would but I don't live in the U.S. and I am too young to vote.


I'm really surprised to read a science blog with nothing but liberalism in it.
Where do you think the $$ comes from so we have the technology, from Air bags to the clothing we wear. Technology is funded by capitalism.
Yes, protect my child from seeing xxx sites, yes prosecute pedophiles. And yes, protect my country. I've got nothing to hide, read my personal boring drab of an email.

J Moore

When the Patriot act was invented the government promised that it would only be used to fight international terrorism. Exacly ho wlong did it take them to break that promise.

Power is almost universally abused. The temtation is so great, and now our checks and balances have been cleared away. This country is seriously in danger, an dnot just from terrorists.



There is both conservative's AND liberals in the USA, its not just the conservatives USA. Liberals tend to be more technology minded I've noticed and therefore gravitate towards the internet and to blogs.


You folks remember the cold war? Remember hearing about how the "evil communist KGB" had listening devices in every home in the USSR? It sure sounds to me like that's exactly what the Bush administration wants to do now in the name of the "war on terror." And I keep hearing about polls showing that over 60% of americans are ok with their phones being buggged if it will "stop the terrorists." What has happened to this country??? I would rather keep all my rights and deal with terrorism when it happens, rather than live in a nice safe prison.


Would this affect me in England? Because it seems like they want to moniter incoming as well as outgoing messages and the likes, and practically everything goes through America at some point.

I think its just another step in the ending of Freedom of Speech.

thomas dipaola

let them monitor we need to monitor the viewer to they must pledge to hart of bill of right gov. contract with people using in a bad way charge with low treason
highter standard
we need to fix the voting


This sounds like Orwells 1984. It all sounds good and justifiable to most. After all the governments role is to protect us. But who protects us from the government when it goes too far. Big brother is indeed watching us.


Should a domain be fist in all browsers in a search?
This is not being done!
It should be require under copyright laws. Moreover, is this a first amendment issue?
Just one idea from THOMAS DIPaola sees more at (www.VOTINGTECH.US)


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