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PA Jim

I feed my wife what I cal l "diet lighhtning," diet 7Up and PA-native everclear. That stuff gets you more twisted than a rollercoaster on a acid trip.

John Mahoney

I live for Fresca and I’m always watching my figure, so my drink of choice is FRESKA (with a backwards ‘K’). It’s Fresca and Vodka, and the only problem with this nearly-perfect drink is that a lot of bartenders laugh at me when I order it. The rest just don’t stock Fresca behind the bar.

John Mahoney - PopSci

Whoever posted the above is definitely on to something (I must jump on the next case of Fresca I see at the bodega. And the backwards K...yes!) but their co-opting of my identity is quite mysterious. Reveal yourself, shadowy poster!

John Mahoney

Who are you, guy who is pretending to be me? I am John Mahoney, and I love FRESKA.


For your entertainment:

It's very easy to make a great Kahlua equivalent. You can even make it diet if you use splenda rather than suger.

In a pot over med-high heat add:

1. 1 cup of water

2. 1/4 cup of instant coffee, store brand is fine. Stir and mix well.

3. 1 cup of sugar (you can use splenda or splenda sugar mix). Stir and mix well.

4. 2 cups Vodka (as long as it's American vodka you can use the cheap stuff. American law states that American made Vodka has to be filtered at least once, plus you can filter Vodka in your Brita!). Stir and mix well.

5. 1 Tbs of Vanilla. Stir and mix well.

That's makes a skosh more than 750ml, so your old Kahlua bottle works great. It's okay to use immediately, better to let it blend overnight.



For all those fresca lovers out there I recommend the Frisky, fresca and whisky, similar in taste to a 7 and 7 or a whisky sour but I think the name says it all on this one.

turbulence training


tried the drink last nite...not bad.

John Bon

Oh yes I’ve been drinking Fresca and Vodka for years now. I tried all the newer flavors and was less than impressed, but the original is still awesome. The drink is fresh and crisp with a little bight. I also recommend the 12 oz. can over the two-liter; something about the super fizzy freshly opened can that makes the drink top notch. To avoid confusion at the bars I usually just settle for vodka and tonic with extra lemons but that doesn’t compare to my home favorite Fresca and Vodka!

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