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My motorola E815 has a very bright array of 3 LEDs on the front lid that serves as a "flash" for the cameraphone. It can be turned on constantly via the menu in camera mode, and it stays lit when the lid shuts. Not as bright as my keyring Photon light, but still enough to illuminate the dark corner of a room.

Joe Brown - PopSci

Yeah, I hear you Ben, but that's kind of like telling your daughter to pretend the family dog is the pony she's always wanted. I want the pony, and I don't want to have to fiddle around with the camera menu to get it. For now, though, we make do with what we have.

Glad to hear you're with me! Ben supports the cause!


Christian hammer

Virigin Mobile sells the K10 Royale, I have no idea who the manufacturer is, but it has a built in LED flashlight...

John Mahoney

Yeah most phones are pretty good at the basics nowadays, and manage to squeeze in a camera, MP3 player, and whatever else into their ever-tinier packages. I would love, though, for Nokia or whoever to have just one high-end model that stripped down the add-ons in favor of even better call performance and sleeker industrial design. Every time I buy a phone, all I look for is Bluetooth, good call/SMS performance, and sleekness. I've got an iPod and a digicam already--just give me a hot, tiny phone only!

Oh, and I guess it wouldn't hurt for more phones to be called the Royale.

Michael Truitt

Ive always thought an led flashlight would be great on a cell phone. I did not know they were out until my younger brother recently bought a prepaid cell phone from the local dollar store. It came with a high intensity white led at the top of the phone.


The Moto Rokr E1 has a really bright led on the back that can be activated by going into camera mode and turn on flash

it stays on as long as you want it to. I have used it to plug things into the back of my computer many many many times

not sure about the slvr

Dick Davies

Nokia 1100 has a flashlight led. It's a no-fuss phone - just calls and text.

The Ericsson K750 or w800i has an led flashlight. I got one of those over a Motorola - the cameras better, the UI is less shitty, etc.


An open platform for me to tinker with. I made the mistake of getting a LG VX-8100, thinking that J2ME meant that it had some sort of Java-based system in there. Silly me.

Oh, and no more crippling the features I paid for, please and thanks.

Steven James

Flashlight. Definately flashlight. I hate trying to maneuver through a dark hallway with one of those little red keyring LED lights. Put a flashlight on the phone and I'll see you at the checkout counter.

K10 Royale... with cheese.


I'm sure some phones have these features, but even my semi-spiffy Motorola doesn't do some things my watch does... What's so hard about countdown timers and a stopwatch? And maybe text notes that aren't under the guise of "Quick Text" SMS shortcuts.

Amit Parikh

The light a cellphone screen projects is pretty bright. So they don't have to put a very bright light.


My pre paid virgin mobile has a flash light on top that is activated by the hang up button. it works rather well in the dark i used it will up in the mountains when it got too dark to see the path infront of me.

Joe Brown - PopSci

Wow. Seems like I should ditch Cingular and pick up a K10 Royale (with cheese... nice Steven)!


Personaly my Razr does well enough. If my eyes are adjusted to the dark it works fine.
But I will mention I got my mom a nokia phone from walmart of all places that works on a pay by the minute plan. Anyways its got 2 white leds in the top of it that make a great flashlight. So yea if nokia can put them in a $20 phone why cant moto put them in a $100 "techie" phone .

Ed Hickcox

The best thing about an LED flashlight is that with just a little minor, simple, gods-why-haven't-they-done-this-yet engineering, they could produce a cell phone camera with a flash. Genuis! So, where is it?


Sony Ericsson and Samsung both have this functionality in many of their phones, I have a S-E K700i and I use it as a flashlight almost as much as I use it for a phone. I never did like the RAZR much because of a poor UI and lack of simple features like the LED, plus it drops calls (a known GSM problem), and has no way of turning the ringer to silent without making serious noise (with the S-E, its just hold the # key). But I don't want to flame, I just want to pick out the bad things I've experianced in the RAZR's design.

But yeah, LED rocks to have, and is MUCH brighter then using the LCD backlight, will never buy a phone that can't keep it on as long as I want again.


I didn't think this was that rare a thing, people.

My Nokia... 1100? It honestly doesn't say on it what model it is... Has one. Just press "clear" and it comes on so bright and white its blinding. The phone is a Tracphone that cost me $40. And this is in the US. So haha.

Oh, and by the way, it is awesome.


Personally, I don't want a bunch of features in my phone, I want a compact phone. I have a RAZR and it's one of the most compact out there, but it boasts features like a web browser, IM client, camera, etc. like most new phones out there. Except it is a pain to browse the web with the phone interface, using the IM client drives my bill through the roof, and the pictures and video are so low-res that I never take any with it.

I'm sure many consumers would like a feature filled phone, but I wish they would make at least ONE that was simply a great phone and not a half-assed everything device.

So yeah, in my next cellphone, I wish they would take away all of the features that I don't use and drop their R&D money into making a phone that doesn't cease to function when I drop it once.


give me a freakin universal remote PLEASE!


Sometimes its the simple things that mystify product designers!! A LED flashlight is a briliant touch and I want it! Universal Remote...why not? My phone have IR and Bluetooth lets hook these phones up. Finally, why pretend phones are mini-computers if alot of them still don't come with a computer connection cable standard. Lets drop the propritary connectors and start using mini-USB like sane people should.


it's good
so can buy on flashlights


hoho, I have a celllphone with laser beam too. you sucks


Prejudice will always be a part of society


The Audiovox 8950 has a flashlight as well. It's a Verizon phone, and can be used without opening the phone at all. Holding the up volume button for a second turns on the camera flash continuously. You have to setup how long it stays on, and the longest setting it will let you set it at is 60 seconds. So you have to re-engage the light every minute, but it still rocks. And all the people I have ever met that try and use their phone as a flash light just put theirs away when I start mine up, this phone puts out enough light for 10 people to walk in the dark. I installed a clutch/brake pedal assembly in my car with only this light. I definitely use it more than I do as a phone.

Simply the best mp3

You'll find all sorts of cellular related items here, geared primarily for the Southern Ontario market. My cell phone reviews should be useful to anyone who can buy the specific models from their local providers. I also include site location maps for all 4 of the providers in this area.

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