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Outbreak's not-ebola-but-really-ebola virus, with Donald Sutherland as crazy US government agent gets my vote.

Also, Elisabeth Shue as the cold-fusion scientist in The Saint = awesome. However, Denise Richards as scientist in that Bond movie = not awesome.


Nicholas Cage as the FBI Chemist who drives a Volvo, a beige one, in The Rock has my vote.

David Goldblum as the Cable Guy in Independance Day.........not so much. "I know exactly how to destroy the alien invasion cuz my dad sneezed on me! Hard liquor rules!!"


what about the movie Real Genius? Do college movies about the MIT culture/style count - 'cause that was perhaps the ultimate Teen/Twenty-somethings Scientist movie.


Well if you are gonna go there, then Weird Science has my vote!

Joe Brown - PopSci

There is no taste out there on the Internet, I swear (except for the Real Genius and Weird Science guys—big up). Hasn’t anybody here seen Stealth? That’s the most scientifically-accurate movie I’ve ever seen, and I’m a professional. My favorite part is when illegally downloading music off the Web turns the robotic plane evil. Musta been the Papa Roach—that crud turns me evil, too. Wait, what was I talking about?

Arjun Thakur

This is an old one but Fantastic Voyage (from the 60s?) is a good nanotech-anomoly film. A surgical team is miniaturized and inserted into a dying man. Remake, anyone?


Ok, the obligatory Star Trek ref. Where would we be if Roddenberry didnt invision a world where technology has lifted Man to a point where war, famine, desease and poverty are eliminated? It scores high on the philisophical side and even higher on the technilogical side.

Beam Me up Scotty!

ancelmo luiz graceli

nova teoria do universo sustenta que o cosmo iniciou de fora para dentro numa contração e se desenvolve por processos de fluxos estruturantes.
ver no google -TEORIA DO UNIVERSO FLUXONÁRIO ESTRUTURANTE. Autor ancelmo luiz graceli

north pacific costa rica beach

I want a movie made after 1990-ish that's not supernatural-related and is just a really good horror movie. I've seen Halloween and Saw. They were pretty good but not the best. My all-time favorite horror movies are the three Scream movies, and The Last House on the Left.

Movies similar to those? Suggestions? Thanks!

Health News

Thank you for introducing me the wonderful information.And .....Totally boring.!

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