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The photo used for symmeter in the article is noticeably tilted, which is causing the bizarre-looking result images. I rotated the image in GIMP to align the centerline vertically and ran it back into symmeter, and the mirror-images look significantly less freaky:


E. Schwarzkopf

The illustration used does nothing except show anyone what +15 years will accomplish.

Joe Jackson

Your alignment on the photo is off. If you were to take a line straight up from the chin you will notice that her Angie's head is tilted to the viewer's left.

I'm not sure what the software you used did, but PSP's alignment function and mirror produced a better result.

Vinnie Farrey

I was a professional Photographer for 43 years, and back when there was only black and white film it was a well known fact that EVERY person had two different sides to their face, and it was proven back in the 50's.. If you take a straight forward shot of anyone, Then make two prints of the same photograph, cut them precisely in the center, and match up the two left sides and then the two right sides you will notice that each person has a male and a female side... That is why the thin facial appearance on one and the much heavier on the other....Try it you'll like it....

Megan Miller

You guys are completely right. I didn't notice the photo's tilt when I ran the scan, but I can now see that the Symmeter results are different when the image is properly aligned. I feel it would be disingenuous to insert new photos, though, so consider this an acknowledgement of my error—I stand corrected. Thanks for your comments!

viswa k

the analysis is trying to analyse a good joke which gets an instaneous laghter.Angie'sface (why face only-everything) is to be enjoyed and wonder as god's creation. the analysis takes the happiness off the issue, I dont like it.I say she is beutiful and a joy for ever


My grandfather used this in a case in the 40's or 50's to prove a person can look different depending on what side you view them from. He had a picture of himself with 2 left and 2 rights to prove his case. I don't remember if he won or not but, this is nothing new.

Artists have known this for hundreds of years as well. Everybody has a "good side."


" starving Maggie Gyllenhaal and Sandra Bullock on steroids"

this is the funniest thing that i came across to since this morning!
i needed this so bad!

thank you!

Nick Reckmeyer

This article was great for a good Friday laugh
Saundra Bullock on Roids hahahahaha

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If I had to guess where on the symmetry spectrum Ms. Jolie would fall (where, presumably, asymmetrical equals goony and symmetrical equals hot), I would put my money on the fact that her face would display a high degree of symmetry.

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