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Go Carla!!


Carla, I'm so proud of you. This marks the beginning of something GREAT, and I wish you the best! Keep It Up!


damn shame overt avariciousness at its finest! we assemble our greatest minds to put LCD's on belts and make the i-pod even smaller but can't achieve world peace! Priorities, but hell, they makin that money! mad props Carla, though! H-U...!


A great idea but I wonder what use would this gadget have, except the shock value that it'll generate. Imagine people pointing towards your crotch and laughing...


People will do whatever is stupid to get attention. If you can invent the next absurd trend, you'll be rich.

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I personally can’t imagine someone walking down the street with a color LCD screen on their belt buckle broadcasting highlights from the recent family vacation to SeaWorld.


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I would love to own one of these. Can't help it that I'm a gadget geek.

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