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Prime example of how pseudo-science is allowed to gain acceptance with the brainless drones. It's a perfect dissertation showing how correlation DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION! Unfortunately, however, the fundies who run the US will find this article and use it as an excuse to issue burkahs to all of the women in the country.


I think it's abundantly clear that this is satire. Satire, people. Funny ha-ha. No?

Sam Naga- Naga- Naganaworkhereanymore

This is obviously a joke. And a funny one at that. Calm down, people.


Is this serious? I can't belive it, sorry. I'm sure it's a joke, I mean, c'mon!

Robin Goodfellow

The conclusion is certainly a joke, but the correlation is not. Industrialization and feminism do indeed go hand in hand. I would submit that both enforce one another.

Arvind Bhaskar

It appears to be funny but before rejecting it it should be thorughly re-examined by independent minds in the true spirit of science. If there is any co-relation the reasons for same should be examined.

Arvind Bhaskar


Wow, in light of this fascinating new research I'm going to have to revise my theory that the decline in Piracy is the primary cause of global warming.


J Moore

100% of the people who ate carrots in 1860 have died. Therefore carrots kill you.


Pastafarians unite. We need pirates - and we need them in a bad way...

M. Marcotte

Looks good enough to send to the media.


This is obviously a joke! No way can feminism destroy the planet! We need to turn our focus back to the depletion of ozone! Maybe sexism is the cause of the depletion of ozone and not CFCs.


Go to www.bts.gov (bureau of transportation statistics). You will find some interesting numbers:

Women on average drive nearly twice as many miles per day as men. Women drive for nearly 50% more minutes per day as men. I haven't bothered to check the stats on licensed men vs. women in % though (I was looking up stats for something else and found that to be interesting).

Women ARE causing global warming (at a faster rate then men). Atleast in the US


Statistics can be used to prove ANYTHING. This is just another example of that. E.g. Internet is the cause of global warming. Scince internet is here, the CO2 emmissions started increasing with every year the internet increases....


Uhm, the causality is interpreted backwards; Feminism is jusy another (negative?) side effect of global warming. Proving thereby that women only start thinking whent things get hot.

Great blog, beatiful example, keep up the great work


Everyone knows the real cause of global warming is a lack of pirates.

THe  gospel hath cometh

pirates are the cause of GW, of course.

Nathan - Learn 4 easy ways to prevent global warming.

I think this is very funny, but the sad thing is this kind of stuff isn't too far from what people will argue.

I get frustrated when I see poor science being used to justify inaction in the face of good scientific evidence that we need to do something about global warming and other environmental problems.


Sounds like there are more misogynists out there than I thought

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