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American team sucks. In term of superior tactics, I put my money on Iran.


Obviously this guy about has a low brain cell count. Iran is so far the worst team in the WC. I am not an American fan either but this guy is a little off....as well as all the Iranians.


about the red uniforms...

wut about s.korea?!

F. Samari

Respecting people and moreso everyone's opinion is respecting onself(Respect and be respected). Telling Iran is worst team could relate to past scores that's all right but think not many highly credited teams got to this year's WC. Iran won Australlia in 1998 WC and did the same to US then, yet I think this time they only lost to tactics and bad play in WC. there i agree.

John Mahoney - PopSci

I must admit I was skeptical of the red shirt thing as well, but w/ S. Korea's big draw against France yesterday and Spain today, maybe there's something to it?


no one cares about S. Korea.


En-ga-land, En-ga-land, En-ga-laand!
En-ga-land, En-ga-land, En-ga-laaaand!!

John Mahoney - PopSci

Although they sport the lucky red shirts, the redness of Owen's swollen knee will probably cancel any red voodoo coming their way.


Football (soccer) newbs! Iran hahaha


wild cards:
Czech Republic, Switzerland

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