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Will this affect the USA only, or the entire world?



The only way for your voice to be heard is to speak up.

Jared D. Vogel

I believe that if a bill is passed like this that not only will many people be disgruntled, but a massive outbreak will happen. Stop, and think about who uses the internet with high bandwith. Not only will you have the entire gaming population on your tails but a national security crisis leading on your hands. Millions of hackers would join teams to fight for a common cause. It would be a so called Internet Revolutionary War.

David Morris

This sounds like another way for the rich to get richer. Is it just me or does this seems like the under dogs are going to be the only ones effected by this bandwith greed . This is ridiculous!

Ben Ogle

Everytime I read another story about this I get really depressed.

Having said that, I cannot see the people sitting quietly by while the internet 'breaks'. Maybe someone can figure out a way to link all those home wireless networks and create a massive open source mesh network that noone really controls.

The computer community is filled with highly skilled tinkerers. You never know...


USA or whole world?


GoTo savetheinternet.com


In all fairness it will mean that for a short while there are problems getting to certain sites WHEN (not if) the bill goes into law.

This is because a lot of providers are hosting in the US.

Thanks to this a lot of hosting business will change countries - and in the end it will be the US that looses jobs in the technology sector. Give it 5 to 10 years and the telecomms industry will post more losses than gains and will ask the senate to post laws to revive the technology sector - but by then other countries who weren't stupid will have the benefit of a corporate (speak money first interest) USA.


Why should the comapanies not be able to choose to give more bandwidth to higher paying customers? First of all, its thier buisness, and they should be able to choose how to run it. You impose legislation on them as if its your right to do so, without realizing that without them, no legislation would be necessary, becuase they wouldn't exist. Also, its not as if they are going to drop their entire client base because they can now charge more for a much higher bandwidth, that would be unprofitable. A more likely result from this bill will be for the companies to offer varying degrees of bandwidth and *increase the total amount of badwidth on the internet to compensate.* They probably wouldn't even increase thier prices on current level bandwidth level costs. Even an extraordinarily rich person isn't going to pay 600 million dollars for a personal internet service; becuase he would have to pay alot more to compensate the internet companies their bad buisness decision. Internet providers have to compete against other companies, and they have to stay in buisness. They are not going to sacrifice their entire customer base unless they can make a profit somewhere else; and that profit is not going to come from the top 1% of the population; there just isn't enough reason to pay that much, even for a billionare.


Yes, give or take five to ten years; they'll have it coming, snapping at their heels.
But these kind of shortsighted descisions are very trendy at the moment and are mainly happening in the "western" societies, but no worry; it'll work out in the end; even "they" have to maximize their profits, and this is only happening when they see "the way of all"; not "the way of the richest" ;0)
blessed be.


Since a number of the key servers or computers of the internet are U.S. based how will this decision affect the rest of the world? The EU countries certainly won't be happy if this affects them.


If congress decides to have a company like Optimum Online decide how fast or slow I can go just stop your contract to be a customer of whatever ISP provider is & sign the contract to another ISP provider or stop all of your ISP providers & never go on the internet again!!!!

Lloyd A

The lack knowledge and ignorance of politicians is finally hitting home. Here the masses of the ignorant are thinking this will make life easier when in reality the wool is being pulled over their eyes. The Internet is not a bunch of tubes, and having net neutrallity will not slow doing the Internet. The said fact is the USA will lose webhosting business and the rest of the world will do better because of it. As a canadian citizen I thank the ignorance of those US officals, the only downside is that about what 40 million internet users will be taken out of the loop, where the rest of the world will still go round.


Does anyone have any hope that new tech will provide faster internet, better options, better equiptment? Why worry about the cost of bandwidth rising and understand consumer base. Companys are not going to ask anything less than what they do for bandwidth we get now.But they might ask more money for more bandwidth. Someone is going to compete for the low end too. What happens when bandwidth abilities double in america? Are we going to cry cause we can't afford it.Is the price going to double? This law should only affect high-end customers. Thats not me nor most of the people i know.And i got normal high-speed internet. I mean right now i would love to give a buck or two for more bandwidth if my business or home needed it. I say we dont loss sqat. We gain service.Thats to say all isp's dont loss their minds overnight. And if everything does go overseas and we loss jobs thats nothing new its the evolution of mankind and can't be helped,other nations offer better options.


Hi, my name is Jon.


What does bandwidth mean?

Jared D. Vogel

Bandwidth is a measure of frequency range, measured in hertz, of a function of a frequency variable. Bandwidth is a central concept in many fields, including information theory, radio communications, signal processing, and spectroscopy. Bandwidth also refers to data rates when communicating over certain media or devices. Gotta love www.wikipedia.com. It means the amount of information you send and receieve.


Why is this an internet cover story?


I didnt think this was a bandwidth issue. We are already getting more or less bandwidth based on price. (Think POTS, DSL, Cable, Cable Gold, Fiber..etc.) And bandwidth caps are already in place too.

I think this was preferential treatment based on whether you are paying more. If i remember this wasnt possible a few years ago. With the advent of newer routers and more complex software we can now determine if the network packet came from (or going to) this "high paying" consumer, and if so, just put that packet on the faster lane. So if compnay X is such a company, company Xs page will load faster than some small local business.

Of course every one should be against this. It will stifle innovation as we have seen it, killing small companies. Imagine people going to yy.com instead of zz.com just because they didnt want to wait for zz.com to load. Also, i wonder what kind of effect this is going to have on search engines like google? will google bump the faster reaching link up in the search results, than the slower reaching one? Any body knows?


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