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There are much better things to do with those who would steal another's bandwidth.

A little use of an appropriate application such as aeropeek or etherpeek to monitor all the traffic on your home network and you can quickly gather lots of great information on your neighbors as they criminally steal your information. If they didn't want me to have their e-mail addresses and personal information they should not have come into my house and gave it to me.

Better yet you could re-route all their traffic to websites known to have all kinds of nasty activeX virii and the like on their pages. That is always good fun as well.


I meant to say criminally steal your bandwidth not information.

Sam Naga- Naga- Naganaworkhereanymore

YOu are not a very nice person, Patrick. What happens when you infect their machine with a virus, and, like they turn out to work for NASA and then they take an infected flash drive to work and two satellites crash into each other just because you decided to take the law into your own hands? Haven't we learned anything from Batman? A vigilante is just one man, who can cause more harm than good. To truly make a difference, you must become a symbol. A symbol of upside-down Websites and blurry images. Jeeez.


How is someone supposed to know they aren't allowed a slice of your bandwidth unless it's encrypted? There are many people who are just fine with others hopping on.



nice idea tho, although I steal bandwidth myself (occasionally, and only from the weird guy next door) the world could do with more such revolutionaries.

hats off to thee my man.


If you encrypted your bandwidth your wireless network will not have people "piggy backing" on your network!


nice article


Someone needs to tell me how to do this because i am to lazy to figure it out myself

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How are pirates today different from pirates a long time ago?


encryption is no guarantee that you won't be snooped on anymore...

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LOL...I have stolen bandwidth, but only to check my email! I think more people are using complex encryption like WPA so piggy backing will soon become a thing of the past.

Cns@ Rj11 modem cables

You can always choose not to broadcast your wireless network name (SSID).

Microsoft Office OEM software online

XvLe1u Author, Shoot yourself a knee..!!

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