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Keith L. Dick

I might be tempted to start flying again... hehe

Mr. G

It will never fly. You'll never get 400+ smokers paying over $2500 a ticket so they can smoke on a flight. This is either a major scam or some brainless people have no business sense.

Eric Caron

i think this is another one of them stupid american scams , the plane will explode and have tons of problems , they will make no money period.
smoking cancer sticks isn't a luxury , unless u plan on getting buried anytime soon in a fancy casket.

some guy

smokers are jokers


It's definitely not a stupid American scam. It's an Eastern block scam. Did you get a load of the funny grammar?


Oh come on! pple used to smoke on airlines all the time. Wad makes you think there would be explosions? We arnt using hydrogen to lift our "airships" no more.
And as if indugence was never a luxury, think fubu in japan, sky diving, sub orbital travel,
toxic laced cavier(not mentioned on the can of course). Wad makes smoking that different?


This is obviously an extravagant publicity stunt by Smint mints to try to publicize their mints' ability to knock out Smoker's Breath.

Clever, Smint, but not clever enough.


Insulting a smoker because of your personal choice not to smoke is juvinile and pointless. calling smokers "jokers" is like calling a girl a "poopy head". Calling them "cancer sticks" isn't any more clever. Smokers can choose to use this airline just as you can choose not to smoke. And the conspiracy theorists with their "scams" are also ridiculus. If it isn't real they won't get an airplane off the ground. They aren't asking for money in advance

Sam Naga- Naga- Naganaworkhereanymore

I would totally fly SMINTAIR to get away from people who call cigarettes "cancer sticks," and who look down at me because I am a helpless victim of Big Tobacco's ruthless ad campaigns. And because I am optimistic about the possibility of once-again hot stewardesses, er, flight attendants. Now THAT'S luxury, and I hope the brilliant minds behinnd SMINTAIR have taken that into account. Have fun on Jet Blues with your soggy ala carte sandwiches, my friends.


You callin bad grammar unamerican? F you, commie..

A Person

Why not? If people want to pay more to be able to smoke in the air, they have every right too, just as those of us who don't smoke have every right to pay for non-smoking flights. If it's not affecting me, I don't have a problem with it.

Although djohn makes a nice point that it is quite possibly just an elaborate publicity stunt that everyone is falling for.


Foolish Foolish smokers.... first off blaming your habits on 'Big Tobacco' producers campaigns is extremely juvenile (you control your habits not them) secondly.... the reason some call them 'cancer sticks' is.. uhhmm because they're proven to cause cancer! Finally to clear up why there is a backlash on smokers... it's because when you smoke with many around you - you've stepped out of the personal into the public, you affect the public and are then brought into their scrutiny. So pucker up, control your habits, and live a positive life without those damn cancer sticks...they've caused enough pain to us all...

Sam Naga- Naga- Naganaworkhereanymore

You know why SMINTAIR is a good idea? So I don't have to be trapped in a metal box for several hours with Shab, who obviously hates me because I'm a smoker, and look so cool as I slowly inhale my eventual killer. Hell, I could die in a plane crash, and then I would have spent my final hours with Shab, who hates me for because, as a child, I had no positive role models and considered the Marlboro Man a father figure. He never lied to me, so I went to where the flavor is. I will probably die here, if I live through that next plane crash.


In answer to the question would I pay more to smoke on board, the answer is a definate YES.

With regard to Smintair, although I wish them every possible success, I do seriously wonder at the profitablilty of a 747 with no economy cabin. I assume they have some guranteed Japanese coroprate business ... if not I think they may well be in trouble.

I would actually like to see an economy cabin introduced, possibly with higher fares and an 'old fashoned' economy service marketed as the smokers alternative to the far east.

D Duhon

Only if you include cigars.


Jonathan Lewis

oh man, I despise smoking... hey as long if you smoke and you dont disturb others with your smoke, thats fine with me...

Jonathan Lewis

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E Cig

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that's kinda' obvious, you can't smoke in public places, if you want to kill yourself, do it alone!

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