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Modern Polymath

Giant nerd here. It might be me too. :D


I wish the Matrix were true. I will jump over building tops and fly like a supperman.


unless this kite flies by itself...meh!


unless this kite flies by itself...meh!

Sam Naga- Naga- Naganaworkhereanymore

Oh you got no idea what I'm gonna do with that thing. I'm gonna, gonna, gonna, well, point at stuff I guess. Yeah, that's about it...



Able to leap over steaming piles of pasta with a single bound? Faster than a 2000 watt microwave?


wow, you guys really are nerds.. but that kite is pretty funny.


i wish the matrix were true & then i can use my mind at its best! dreams come true.


Wow yeh if only it would open things when clicked on.. ( like a safe! )

Jesus Hernandez

Well, you are definatly not traped in a PC. PC's havce a white mouse pointer. Mac's have a black one, :-P.


Kites are stupid


hmm interesting, that is until you check the shadows. girl t=and the kite have shadows, nothing else does, the picture has been doctored


look closer...they all have shadows...


yeah i can see the shadows, but the way that the girls and the arrows shadows stickout makes me think that the photo is doctored, plus, who ever got a kite to fly like that?


people actually do stuff like this...crazy....
but the pic is pretty strange/funny in its own way. but ppl shouldn't waste time of stuff like this - save the sea cucumbers!!!!


Actually, in windows you can change your cursor to a variety of colours/schemes, so technically, it could still be a Windows pointer. Good old winblows...


this picture was taken at burning man, which is a festival that takes place in a desert. I saw this girl in person there, and its real not doctored. the reason it looks funny is because its in the freaking desert and its difficult to gage distances and scale


All shadows are to scale. The reason for the woman's looking bigger than the "arch" or the byciclist is distance and terrain. The reason the kites looks off is it's height and distance from the ground.


Real kite. More pics here:


penis enlargement

"Real kite. More pics here:

Nice one!


I'm all for saving sea life, but don't go judging other people's fun. I personally think video games are a total waste. :PPP

To the fellow who so articulately said "kites are stupid":

Tell that to the little kids having a blast on the beach, or the kitesurfers, kite buggyers, or the thousands of people who fly at and attend kite festivals every year. Need I go on?

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Matrix is your solution, anyway.

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This is going to be a great deal of fun, which is one of the things I love about both shows - the sense of playfulness with the genre. Seems like they're going to make good use of Fargo's history of working with AIs with personality issues, a nifty choice to hang a plot around. Looking forward to it!

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