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Lori Hildebrandt

This is the most ridiculous article I have ever read in my life. And, you have a lot of nerve putting Barbie in there as a symbol of a female. I guess you figure that women don't read magazines like popular science either. I guess I won't be reading this science mag anymore.

John Strickler


Chester Gibler

This may be because of the internets vast library of porn.

susy the crowlady

oh well... if those studies say so, and is a serious group then we women should be careful. And I can tell you, in my country (Colombia, third world country but still tryin to grow) there are many women who want to grow and explore science and knowledge but we are outnumbered by those who still want to live the same way their grannys did (find a husband, have five children and the man may be too busy working for them he may not have time to cheat on you. end of story -not a horror story everyone, that fits the description of many women and ITS SAD-)

Charity Gravity

I am so in favor and support of a science magazine supporting the image of women as Barbie dolls. That's just pure genius. Do you have one at home? or two or three Uncle Dad?


So you're using a Barbie doll to portray women? Classy. I never liked "Popular Science," anyway.


Pretty interesting, but females arn't worse at it because they are female; its probably because men have more interest in computers/internet than others. This is the same thing as saying men arn't good shoppers. We typically just dont do it as much.

P.S. - Get off your high horses ladys. Its called popular science because its science. Go nag the editors of People magazine, at least their articles gossip and possibly biased. This is just stating the facts.


A couple of the above comments suggest that this article has used the barbie doll to represent women. Did you *read* what you're commenting on? It has nothing to do with the barbie doll. It seems you've commented on the headline, picture and introduction.

Furthermore, this is a BLOG. You're ready to dump popsci because of one blog entry?


Wow. And women say men don't pay attention... Amazign how people (both men and women) are so interested in finding fault (and getting angry) that they don't bother to understand the supposedly offensive material. The point is that women (probably) are NOT worse at either math OR internet use, but are statistically more likely to perceive themselves as such. Men (being full of ourselves as always) think we are great at everything and thus are (according to the article) less likely to admit defeat or simply find something (internet use in this case or math in the past) too intimidating to try. Women should see this article in a positive light; it is stating that women are actually more skilled than they often think. Barbie doesn't represent women; she represents what society (probably men) wants women to think of themselves: that they are fat, have incorrect proportions, and apparently are bad at math too. All false ideas, of course. The problem is, when users who appear to be female respond violently and in such a fashion that proves they did not read (or comprehend) the article being discussed, it perpetuates the false belief that women are academically inferior to men. If you don't want to READ the articles, then by all means, stop subscribing. You're wasting your money anyway.


It doesnt matter what she uses to portray women. I think she is just trying to make a point that some women are like this. Society in general brain washes people on the so called RIGHT way live life. (like the girl from columbia said about marriage and 5 children). Dont get me wrong, some of these are nice, but everything has a time and place and there isnt just 1 answer. Using the internet and brushing your teeth are both equally easy tasks. You just have to down and DO IT! Experience is the best way to learn. I really like women who try to better themselves as person rather than putting on 50 pounds of makeup and flauting their stuff LOL. This magazine is interesting good and bad :)


"Math class is tough!" Did she mean that they were graded on a curve and she'll have to compete for a good grade or that her classmates were physically tough. (which brings up more weird questions.)

To go with what some of the replies are saying, You can only be oppressed and inferior if you let someone make you feel that way. I personally think you have a bad outlook on this. It's one thing to have an opinion, it's another to let someone else's opinion become yours.

If you didn't understand the underlining message, then (like so many have tried to say before me) THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. If you are going to let stereotypical thoughs become your 'norm' then that is only your problem. I choose to think *OF* the box, and not in it. This leads me to see every side and it's angles. I tend to think better of myself and situations because A.) I allow for mistakes and keep a curious outlook, and B.) Hardly give up which inevitably turns to success.

Seems to me that (not every, but) many women don't give themselves the credit they deserve. Turn that around to mean YOU'RE the one in question is highly self defeating. I didn't tell you to think that way. You let other's opinions make you think that way.

This goes for everyone for that matter. There's constructive criticism, and then there's criticism that brings self doubt and failure when you listen to it.

Wow, I feel smarter already. Give it a try! Maybe you can realize you're smart as well. But if you don't it won't bother me. Your decision.

Male Enhancement

"Seems to me that (not every, but) many women don't give themselves the credit they deserve. "

A Mechanical Engineer Whose A Woman

The other day I was in the Hardware store and I heard a man say to a 4 year old boy, "Oh, he must really like this store because this is a real man's store." Then, this small boy repeated for the next four minutes,"this is a man's store."
This prevalent attitude that men are more competent is something that I constantly must deal with. When costumers ask questions during consultations my male coworkers are always addressed while I stand there as if I am invisible and then when my my male coworkers have to ask me for the solution the costumers eyes get wide with surprise. What I find even more surprising is that women can be even more discriminating towards women.
Another thing that I have noticed is that men are given much more of a chance to make mistakes. If a women makes a mistake, the object is taken from her and she is shown how to do it. If men make a mistake, he is told that this is okay and that he should try it again.
These subtle differences in attitudes cause women to have less confidence in their abilities because they are never given a chance.

Health News

I can't believe how much of this I just wasn't aware of. Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. I'm truly grateful and really impressed.

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