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in the magazine you guys forgot data from star trek


What about Replicater Carter from Stargate SG-1...


Winona Ryder, aka Annalee Call from Alien Resurrection, probably deserves an honorable mention.


Galaxina. Rhoda from My Living Doll. Andrea from What Are Little Girls Made Of? Jocasta from the Avengers. All those hot chrome Soroyama robots.

Not that I think about female robots alot...


You missed my favorite, Angel Lips, from the Ruby, The Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe. (http://tinyurl.com/nr9v9)

"Plastic, I love the smell of plastic."

BTW:You guys should allow some html and use an antispam service.

Torulf Greek

There are lots of fembots in Japanese anime.
A more serious ones in the Ghost in the Shell 2, innocence and in mainstream anime as Chi in Chobits.
In books we have Dors in Asimovs Forward the foundation.

Jerry Hunter

cherry 2000


The Buffybot could be folded into this thesis. Somewhat.


A lot of good choices, but Six wins this, hands down:

"33": "God has a plan for you, Gaius ..."

"Home, Part II":

BALTAR: "Well, you're not a chip. That we've established."

SIX: "Yes."

BALTAR: "But Sharon being pregnant does suggest that you are rather more than a simple manifestation of my subconscious. And I'm not... crazy?"

SIX: "No."

BALTAR: "Then who, or what, are you exactly?"

SIX: "I'm an angel of God sent here to protect you. To guide you, to love you."

BALTAR: "To what end?"

SIX: "To the end of the human race."

Still makes my skin crawl ....


what about seven of nine?


How could you forget Cherry 2000?


Galaxina should be the #1 on any fembot list. The movie was horribly cheesy, but Galaxina is by far the most desirable fembot in movie history.

Chris Giddings

I agree with Scott here. Six has my heart and soul bound up whenever I see her on scree. And frankly I've never been much attracted to blonde women. There always has to be some exception to the rule. :\

Why Lord!?! Why!?! Oh yeah, she's hot as hell! :)


Harry Mudd's women on star trek.


Aqua from "Heartbeeps". Bernadette Peters wuz hot.

And what, no one mentions Vicki the Robot from "Small Wonder"?


Ping, the "PS2 accessory" in the web-comic MegaTokyo by Fred Gallagher.



My fav would be Rommie from the Andromeda TV series. Beautiful and deadly, with the mind of a warship and absolute loyalty to her captain.

Mike Evangelist

You haven't gone back far enough. 'Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine' from 1965 has some wonderful early fembots in gold bikinis. They served as the model for many others.


What about Rosie, the Jetson's maid?


Number six of course. She's bent on the elimination of humankind and such a hottie to boot!


Tiffany Brissette as Vicki the Robot. She was the robotic child maid I had a crush on as a child. Part of a bad tv series in the mid eighties called Small Wonder.


What about Kristanna Loken, a female terminator, called T-X or Terminatrix, from Terminator 3?


Darryl Hannah as Pris in Blade Runner


The first mention of a Fembot (the actual word "fembot") that I've seen to date was in an old episode of the Bionic Man from the 70's. It referred to a suite of female robots (all the 'bots in the episode were feminine) that were so lifelike you would have sworn that they were being played by actual humans in the episode...


Umm.. what about "7 of 9" from Star Trek: TNG

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