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Kyle Staiger


Your magazine is the best I have ever read. Whenever i get it I sit
down with my cats and read right through the whole magazine.

Your best reader,

George A.

I was born in 1968 and looking at Orion it depresses me a bit, because by now I would expect much more impressive space vehicles would exist (remember 2001 the movie?), but I guess this is better than nothing.

Paul M

i love science, what kills me is all the money that is wasted could buy all seniors perscription needs.

Jason M

If it wasn't for the wasted money in science, you would have a very limited number of those prescriptions you need.

We easily forget the great things that Nasa has done for us. We even easier forget that rarely do we ever know of the advances they make.

To me its sad we don't put more money into this.

Pete Hogan

Any relation to the origional Orion project? I remember reading they might be bringing that back

Health News

I would like to appreciate the great work done You

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