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Kevin Crawford

There is nothing wrong with speculation, it gives the engineers something to shoot for!


I just went to Google and typed in "top secret" and there are 148,000,000 top secret stories. take your pick.
Now lets start speculating


My comment to mr: Nekultura. You sure an fine educated example of an educated idiot. How can one believe in 'good or evil' and not believe in the creator of good (Jesus) and evil (satan)? So your conclusion....it's ok to blown to pieces as long as we know which side is going to do it and when, and it is not done secretly? God is real, he just let's morons destroy themselves, while He watches.

larry moskowitz

Considering that new technology is already in testing or use ten years at least before we ever hear of them, and that I read tonight a Russian brief (years old) about exactly what we are discussing, I doubt very much that we are behind the operational curve. Our speculations are just that, and further operational capabilities can just exist in our imaginations (unless you have the clearance, lol).


Very few nations have their own ongoing area 51's and naturally the best way to understand anything is through the direct experience, ie. through reliance on innovation and research that is not dependent on intelligence about foreign projects. For that matter, enough inspiration and information can be derived from scientific knowledge that is already in the public domain. Who could possibly represent a threat to America over information derived from research that costs more to do than the total GDP of any of America's enemies? Russia, while technically no longer an enemy, seems quite capable of independent knowledge acquisition, considering the development of its latest conventional warhead.


Unfortunately, the current Administration uses the phrase, "...threat to National security" as a catch-all to quell any public discourse on a vast array of topics. Those covertly supporting totalitarian rule use fear as a weapon -- fear of terrorism, fear of foreigners, fear of civil rights, fear of free speech, etc. Imagining new weapons or new aircraft does not make America less safe. Secrecy and an unchecked federal government is the real threat to our security. Taxpayers have a right and responsibility to know how their money is being spent and what their government is doing in their name. Period. I, for one, am very interested in knowing more about advances in aeronautical technology and I am very pleased to read speculations in Popular Science. One poster criticizes the New York Times for exposing illegal and unconstitutional domestic spying by the Bush Administration: what needs to be understood is that if the Times can find out what's going on, certainly the "bad guys" already know. Breaches of public trust and the law must always be reported. THAT is the American way.

dan vazquez

top-secret military technology is never a bad thing as long as the right people know about it and it is extremely controlled before going "white" or public


Truth is, we'll never fully know whats going on in Area-51 so specutlation on the differnet technologies/designs is all thats being spread...we couldnt compromise national security on a scale to be threatening with just that... F117's design and capabilities were disclosed to the public many years after the actual development of the billion dollar weapon. So its safe to say we wont find out anytime soon ... business as usual


No speculation of advanced weapons would actually be good for national security. Its good to keep mystery about whats in the arsenal, keeps the enemy nervous so that in its self is a powerful psycological weapon.

Adam G.

I would remind everyone that we aren't the only country with a foreign intelligence program. That, combined with the fact that other countries also have scientists which are probably trying to develop aircraft with similar features, pretty much means that any speculation that PopSci is making anything but an imminent national security issue.

Last time I checked, people are allowed to speculate. Once this country gets to the point where we frown on a science publication for publishing an article speculating on future aircraft, it would become a sad country indeed.

Well-informed articles like this are also the closest average citizens will get to secret military programs where hundreds of millions are being spent. It helps keep our government in check.

As far as the several comments saying that we must have security first, I disagree. Freedom must be first. Ben Franklin was quoted as saying "Those who value their security over liberties [freedom], deserve neither security nor liberty."

Please, PopSci, continue to publish articles like these, so we may continue to have the Freedom to examine how Secure we are.

ramon moreno

Area 51's that is already in the public domain.
Its good to keep mystery about what there are
new weapons or new aircraft .

john c potero

LOOSE LIPS Sink ships,and you guys have the loosest


"A people who mean to be their own governors must
arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives."

James Madison


I don't think that there is any threat. The Red Army, Russia, Europe, all probably have a much better idea of going on that we do.

And, if you'll remember over the years, the PopSci speculations have always been wildly off.

Matt D

I highly doubt the chinese and russians would not know the information that is posted in this magazine. It's purely for the public's enthusiasm that this stuff is published, however accurate it may be.

Greg Harris

Security? What security? This is just hipe people. This is a magazine and it's purpose is to post just that: pages that reflect accurate "information": lousy, lies or facts that their editors are allowed to express(?) for a subject matter like the above (almost two year blog by the way). World powers for sure have their own intel & channels to find out about military issues from our own air forces, army and what have you Special Op's, would be funny to see the "enemy" reading P.S. to keep on the edge of secret technology. I have viewed more detailed "secret" data about the military from the History Channel!


its all a conspiricy we pay the government to make a plane like that ...
its all a lie.
say the russians get a hold of that plane we are all gonna wonder were the hell did that com from.
all im saying is that i don't trust them

eric o.

WELL since its all speculation, if i were not of this country i would try to imagine the most astounding technological advances and try to top it. since all we can do is speculate, then i see no risk at all to national security. even when justifying all our speculating it states 'obvious technological advances' and the like. why do you asume that another country wouldnt realize we have scram jet capabilities? seems kind of obvious to me that EVERYONE is trying to top the other, so of course people will come up with the craziest ideas to top it, regardless of what we claim to have achieved.


all our money is going to area 51.
so area 51 can kiss my arse,
for all I fucking care.....


The secrets, who realy needs of them ???
Only that who's want to HIDE the truth!!!
Ask Your self do You want to know the truth?
All world see and remember excuses of the big white father Bill C. and he gives excuse for the venturies with american peoples!!!
But this makes great honour for him!!!
Wake up people do You think "Cold War" END???
I'm from country where rull the "Red Mafia" and
I see the lies everyday,these peoples are the
truth eavil!!!
They say: - In the name of peoples...
...and they kill everywhere and everyone!!!
Only they have rights to live, to make a business, to take lives from their oun nation!
Peoples in my country starving, but we are in NATO, peoples want to go away, but our "Red" President say: - We are Democracy!!!
And ways are closed for us!
My peoples are save the half of all Jews in WW2,
but noone appraise that...
If I don't want to starve I must be a slave, if I don't want to be a slave I am a prisoner in my own country, prisoner of the "Red Mafia"...
My nation is give to the world peoples like: John Atanasov, John Nochev, Asen Jordanov, John Broun...
And who will tell me that I must change one prison for another???
You will ask why...
...If I know something very important for all nations who will leave me to live and work free?


area 51 is SHIT SHIT SHIT


What an array of opinions.

Is speculation on new aerial weapons a risk to our national security?

My gut tells me no. I bet we would all be absolutely amazed to see the current projects and technologies being developed at Area 51.

If PopSci is paying people who work at Area 51 for information, well, that is without a doubt a risk to our national security. To have an artist create a graphic and discuss a few well-known emerging technologies- absurd to suggest that's a risk to national security.

NOT talking about it may pose a larger threat. We certainly do not want our enemies thinking that we're up to nothing. I doubt an enemy of the United States is going to react a a PopSci article. If they had pictures, eyewitness accounts, data, or so on- well, then they may be concerned about the new weapons. Even at that point, so what? A picture certainly isn't going to be enough to help them build one of their own.

This all being said, how about we consider PopSci's history. It looks like PopSci no longer prints a "History of PopSci" page at the back of the magazine. Reading that page was always entertaining- the technologies that were imagined were often very far from what was actually developed. Just reading a PopSci from five years ago is entertaining enough.

If PopSci truly has everything major that Area 51 is up to in this article... Well, then throw away Freedom of Speech, classify the article, and bring down the Iron Curtain as far as I'm concerned.


I think this sort of speculation is very entertaining. I think its healthy to allow anyone who wishes to write on these subjects and research them to do so. 1st amendment. If we are to abandon our willingness to write on exclusively the poteintal strategic need. We would warp the world we so dearly seek to protect with these technologies without ever having fired a shot.

This is also a wonderful field of misinformation. If anyone in a foreign hostile intelligence service wishes to sift through this to see if he can find a diamond in the coal let him try..


Is the government in place to protect and run the country or not? If any other country wants into ours, or plans anything, they will have all sorts of people keeping tabs on everything posted and all speculations made. Is it possible that speculations made about top secret projects is dangerous to national security? Absolutely yes. It's almost like when you're planning a surprise party for a sibling, and another sibling says, "You're not planning a surprise party for Sally are you?" As Sally is standing right there. Well the cat is out of the bag even if you decide to deny the fact. Out of sight out of mind... Can that same saying not be applied to out of hearing out of mind? Unless the fact that the government is performing top secret programs under the nose of their own citizens is causing a safety risk for the public, then why do we need to know? Isn't it better that we don't know? The less we know, the better i think. And if we did need to know, the government has countless mediums through which they can very easily inform us through.


First off there is nothing wrong with making speculations about what is going on at Area 51.
Secondly to paraphrase what one of our founding fathers had stated "those who wish to give up their freedom for the sake of security deserve neither for they will loose both in the end."
Third, if the government was to issue prior restraint, which seems to be implied by some of the posted comments, it WILL cause a slippery slope where the First Amendment will be taken away from us.
So if people want to make speculations let them.
And finally people, I am certain that newspapers and magazines will use common sense when they publish articles; many of them use SELF-rerstraint as to what should be published and what should not be published.

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