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I was just looking at this: http://tinyurl.com/jmmbd
Perhaps a fire-breathing Elmo should be in order?


that would be great if you could make it rip its own head off. Or put a switchblade in the hand that keeps going up and down. Now thats good entertainment, elmo killed a care bear.


Did anyone see the clip of Rosie O helping Elmo get one off?


looks like he is having a seizure

Eric Saum

That's disturbing! Sleeping is going to be tough tonight.

some guy

omg that elmos on drugs

beautiful woman

this elmo looks hilalrious. my sister's boyfriend is buying one for my little brother. that is going to be kind of annoying. BUT funny.

Cool Dude

You should make it have a demonic laugh, it's eyes glow green or red and have it shoot something out of its hands. That would make it really hard to sleep...


You should dye its hair black, make its eyes red, slow down the laugh to make it more demonic like beautiful women suggested, make it shoot flames out of its mouth like the roboraptor, stitch wings onto its back and give it claws! That would be worh buying!


I want to see one naked - fur gone. I think that in itself would be scary.

John Stevens

I found what I think is a spelling error in the Tickle me Elmo article. I will put the error in triple quotations, and the correction in triple brackets after the error. Please disregard if I am mistaken. I don't mean to be rude, just thought I'd mention it for PopSci's benefit.

Tickle Me Elmo TMX, the newest edition of every four-year-old’s most coveted toy, rolls on the floor, kicking and giggling hysterically like Cheech Marin after a little too much Maui Wowee—way more merriment """that""" (((than))) one would expect from a simple poke in the belly. The toy, which was released this week and retails for just $40, but is already hard to find (check eBay: “Buy it Now” prices were around $70 when we posted this), houses pretty high-tech animatronics that are ripe for hacking. Now, we wouldn’t want to suggest that you should rip open a perfectly good, brand-new toy and hack it to do something even funnier than crack itself up (ahem, cough). But if anyone is inclined toward doing so, we’d really, really like to see video of the event. Send footy to webmaster@popsci.com. We like .mov files best. —Megan Miller


lol roflmao im buying one

kobe bryant

Hey guys, its kobe bryant, just making my runs around random science websites to ost my thought. I LOVE THE NEW TICKLE ME ELMO TOY!!! :) Personally, im a bit angry that hasbro didnt come up with my favourite chuckling child toy. But wassup, when is the tickle-me-shaq gonna come out??!! My kids, trayvan and deandre love this as well. We acctually play games with him together. It makes for great father-son-daughter-wife-time. Well, if u wanna SEND ME WAT U THINK, ADD ME ON MSN, AT shutout33@hotmail.com watch the lakers this season for me to:) PEACE

Glen Goh

I m immune to tickling.

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Elmo rock's :P

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