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I would like to install a super computer in the mountain and turn all national defense over to it..............


I would stockpile ICBMs and lots of servers and take over the world with the internet and then rule it from a dark mountian fortress. Mrahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!


I'd try and build my version of Stargates Atlantis. Eventually the destructive part of human kind will fall, thus the need to isolate the creative nature of human beings. These protective and creative types will rise and change the universe for creation as we changed ourselves.

matthew (genius level iq)

As much as i approve of using money(capitalism) to solve problems there just isnt a problem that needs a hollowed out mountain. Unless secrecy is one.

A much better strategy would be to make it into a terminus with a sky city like the japanese intend to do. A vacuum train tunnel system would transport people from all over the world in hours. Tunnels through the crust would be easy to construct globally(inter shelf). Transport costs would be negligle to travel anywhere in the globe. Aviation would be eliminated and not needed, its a waste of money anyway and probably wont exist in 60 years.
Gravity would help propel vacuum sealed tunnel trains (zero - near-zero resistance). one tunnel one way , one tunnel the other. a slowly decending decline would give the necessary push and once the computers have worked out the necessary inclines the train would arrive precisely on station every time (fixed tunnel). There would be no load limits. Run by the government and never privatised, the people in charge must have iq tests as there are too many stupid ones - in all governments).
There would be almost minimal maintenance required.

This idea brought to you by the kindness of a very smart person. Alas it will never happen as initial build costs would be too great, the fact that it will last forever is really not the point is it?


Put all of my husband's "stuff" in there. You know, all those tools that get bought but never used, the leftover pieces of a hurricane damaged shed "just in case", the stuff for gardening that are useless since we have guys that come and do that for us... Make it into the biggest garage ever and always have "Home Improvement" running....


i would turn it into some giant lasertag arena...
but the take over the internet idea is very nice..................

Mick H

A hollowed out mountain, theres only one thing you can do with such a thing. Essentials you may need to last the few earthing survivors a generation. German Beer, Sweedish Porn, British Wit, Italian food and a book on 'How not to blow up the World' By the U.S.A in case you got the chance to start over -


I would throw parties...
really big parties.

Walter L. Johnson

I would use a hollowed mountain as a commercial wine cellar. Maintaining ideal storage conditions for decades would be affordable.

Alternatively, I would sell apartments in one, like Cheyenne Mountain, to survivalists. They would pay top dollar. Hollowing out a mountain isn't cheap.

If the government kept one, they should use it for archival storage of the records of civilization. The world suffered a great loss when the ancient library at Alexandria burned. We are only now discovering things like the first mechanical calculator built 1,000 years before we previously knew of one.


I would have a medium sized town in there. Then get the worlds biggest freezer, stock it with Klondike bars, and keep them from the civilian population. Over time, an oppressive dictatorship would form with the slogan, "What would big brother do for a Klondike bar?"

Perfect harmony.....

Dylan Heath

i whould make a theater so big that it whould be a thousand dollors to see one movie!

it whould be a 1500ft widescreen! also 1000 speakers! including speakers behind and on the side to give sourrond sound efffect!!!

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Is it possible Usama bin Laden is hiding in his Mountain Fortress? Did we ever find his Mountain Fortress(es)?

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Well I can say that this is a great idea. Not to destroy our nature, but to make some improvements and things that can be used and for better future.

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Well I can say that this is a great idea. Not to destroy our nature, but to make some improvements and things that can be used and for better future.

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