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The Kernel

I would stock it with the Kernel's secret spices for fried chicken. Then, the rest of the space would be for a huge brewery. After all, the first brewery's were run by monks in underground canals. Old school, baby!


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, this makes me think of evil and useless junk or not like lasers and ICBM's and taking over the world and giving allot of money to the space program and to research. Ha ha ha ha ha (that’s supposedly be the evil laugh)

William Zych

I would use it for aerospace research on a civilian scale to rival the skunkworks. Hidden from sat imaging it would be the perfect place for design and testing of new technology!

Jared Finder

World's biggest roller coaster and amusement park!

Samantha Lopez

i would make a house in there and probably a high tech lab or something of that sort. like advanced military and medical technology

joe somebody

Well it would be nice to have some peace and quiet for once.


I'd fill it with candy!!

Kyle Coffey

I would have to make it into a very large, very loud concert theatre for all of the extreme metal bands in the world-- or maybe the worlds largest ballpit/speedball course/dance club.

Eric Saum

Id use to put President Bush in "time out".


Anybody see that BP commercial with the first floor containing a nascar/Formula 1 track and the second floor containing a full scale ocean. Thats what I would do...except the bottom floor would be an indoor airfield.


It would be cool to make a gigantic soccer stadium or three. Add some paintball courses on the other side, and even deeper, there would be a mansion for me. And of course, a free theater for me and my friends.


bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bama bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam m=bam

some guy

i would have a mansion with the biggest loudest stereo ever created and every song and the most comfortable bed and i would just sleep and listen to music all day


I use it as a secrete underground military basement for ex-soviet general who plans to restore the shattered empire in my novel. But its seems to take age to finish the story, so you have to wait for another decade to see it reaches public debut.


What world lacks, is a "Evil Undergroud Lair" - theme park!

I would use this opportunity to create such facility. And to generate more revenue would sell "Evil Underground Lair" - services to the "Axis of evil". Now I only need to call mr. W Bush and ask for a phone number.

shawn callahan

An astroid streaming out of the dark void of
space could wipe out humanity without warning.
I would start building many mountain forts
with the capacity to feed and house a million
people a piece. With the amount of money were obviousely willing to spend on war and terrorism
and self defense, it seems only natural to spend
the hundreds of billions necessary to complete
these massive underground cities. We should build these mountain forts on the moon as well
in case an object strikes Earth that is so massive that even these caverns of rock and stone wont protect us from the cosmic explosion.

smart one

i dont know it lookks like one of the places on stargate SG1

terrestrial soup

If I had a hollowed out mountain laboratory I'd close of sections of the inside and blow holes in the mountain until the end of time, or till the mountain was no more, Than I'd be the first man to claim that he single handedly blew up and entire mountain range. Put that in your pipe and smoke it nobel peace prize.


Two words: Hottub grotto


i would use it as my personal fortress, i could use part of it as a library and tons of other things. i really like the kung fu areana and of course there would be a place in case of terrorism or natural disaster i and many other poeple could flee too.

Randy Durham

I would make a repository of all of the verified noble and heroic things that individuals and groups of people have done. The news media seem to over-emphasize the evil and negative as being more worthy of attention.

City Man

If I had a giant mountain base, and I could put anything in it I wanted, This is probably what it'd be. First, I would ask the Native Americans if I could have a hollowed out mountain (don't steal it from them. That's not cool), then, I'd make my own city that I had complete and absolute power over (it's on an "indian" reservation, duh) inside half of the mountain. Then the other half would be dedicated to a league of elite scientists who would spend their entire day creating new and neverbefore seen technology for me and choice people. Then, I'd sell it to the world and become super rich.
The End


I would so turn that place into a Batman Cave and have me be Batman!!!!!!!

that would be so sweet


giant ice cream factory!!!!!


darkness therapy

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