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Hum, hot? No. Attitude? Yes, aplenty. She not only tries to defy well accepted laws, such as gravity, rotation, etc but she excels in the mouth puckering motion and frowning attitude considered to be "hot" and "sexy".

Could be signs of time but girls like that really turn me off. They learn the moves but rarely feel it. Ok, this is a little off subject... I don't see the alcohol part in it. I think it's sheer vanity ;)



Joe Flynn

You dont need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. Its just that she has a fat ass


I have to say this because someone else might:

I read the article and saw the video and I really don't give a fulcrum.

Alecto The Night Owl

I once x-rayed a stripper who fell off of her pole. She broke her nose.


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Miss Moyer

Michael Moyer, you should be ashamed of yourself, young man.


Where does the second truck come from 59 seconds into the video?



I agree with the 'unnoticed step' advocates. It really just looked like she tripped. She lost her balance, and would have likely fallen with or without the wall. The wall did become something of a fulcrum later, but only because her center of gravity shifted due to her trip. As a side note, she couldn't have made the spin anyway, people - her grip on the pole was wrong for the spin. It wouldn't have made a very good spin without the wall. The easiest spins go FORWARD, not backwards.

That said, I'm an art major, not a science buff. I don't have any experience stripping either.


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JOE Tompson

I think that its wrong to talk about other people like this, even if its on the internet, the person in the video might have a friend or something who saw the blog and told her about it. It is totally unethical to pick on a person just because they made a mistake or tripped over something. And further yet, some person decided to make a science and technology website become a commercial broadcast for an erectile drug, as if that kind of drugs are not seen frequent enough


horrible..just horriblle

GAO Tek Inc.

omg, what is this


You wouldnt believe how often strippers actually fall, happens alot more than you would think


very nice video. hope she don't get hurt :-)


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its amazing how she can defy gravity

Rene v/d Gijp

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