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I don't understand! You appear to be intelligent but can't you see past the bipartisan BS? Politicians disagree on every issue but the main idea of reading these clips is to surmise the true meaning of the issue.

The USA, my beloved country, has overstepped it's bounds by declaring the wild, wild, west of the outerspace as it's own. However, it has done so on your behalf and for your security. Although I don't agree with Bush's arogance or Gore's dismal grasp of intellectual concepts, I do agree that we should stake our claim and warn all countries that might attempt to gain an upper hand in this new territory that we will defend our liberties and our borders.

Be that as it may, it IS setting the same stage as the Middle East. Not as of 5 years ago, but as of 25 years ago, when we decided to join the party in Iran.

Can't we all just get along?

An Outside point of view

Have any one read the US Space policy and China Space policy?

Let's look at it from an outside point of view. The US has military bases in every part of the war. When to war in every continent with the most country around. Has an active spy program against other country? Run by a bunch old white neocon The US being the richest country in the world haven't done shit to help out people from the other part of the world to win over the goodwill of the people. Haven't assert world leadership through benelovent examples?

Yet, the US is trying to be ruler and law maker of the world. Only stupid people would not be suspicious.


Can any of those defending Bush administration give me answers for following questions.

What if another country, Russia or China, follows US step and creates a similar space policy? How would you feel about it? What if Bush decides to put nuclear wapon in outer space? Should/would other countries stop it/shoot it down? Or, what if other countries put nuclear wapons in space? What should/would Bush administration do?

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It's really not a very difficult concept.

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I like this information about this Consistent with this principle, 'peaceful purposes' allow U.S. defense- and intelligence-related activities in pursuit of national interests, this text is very interesting, I would like read more information about this!

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I think running by a bunch old white neocon The US being the richest country in the world haven't done shit to help out people from the other part of the world to win over the goodwill of the people.

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Will be surprised if we see any action on the in the space program for a long time.

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Our space policy is just that - ours. We can't stop any sovereign nation from developing their own programs and attempts to do so always fail, either quickly or slowly. High tech weapons are glamorous but an exploding sneaker is the cheapest stealth weapon money can buy.

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Its undoubtedly an vital problem that not enough people are talking about and Im glad that I got the opportunity to see all of the angles.


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