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Yeah? Well my middle school science teacher regaled us with such tales as the time her husband got killed by a whale (I could perhaps be remembering this incorrectly, good god that was a long time ago) and how her sister, for medical reasons, pumped ozone up her anus (this one I'm sure of). Who knows, maybe it was the same lady...


Well i'm gonna call Ernie Hudson, anyone got the numebr?


The flipside of the coin is perhaps stimuli to the right part of the brain is actually triggering an out-of-body experience?

Nahhhh, that's just too open-minded.


"The flipside of the coin is perhaps stimuli to the right part of the brain is actually triggering an out-of-body experience?

Nahhhh, that's just too open-minded."

Are you actually entertaining the notion that electric stimuli applied to the brain can force a "soul, spirit, and/or consciousness" from a body? Before you say "why yes it is, because I'm just that openen minded" keep in mind that pilots and astronaughts routinely have "out of body experiences" ... in G force chambers.

Though they have these experiences, I'm not willing to say that mankind has finally found a way to artifically free one's consciousness from one's body. I am willing to say that mankind has found a way and does artificially induce hallucinations through unique stimuli.

The name of the game is Popular Science, not Popular Mysticism. If you want openminded, grab some back issues of OMNI.

Tim Dyck

my science teacher thought she was pretty cool, so I hit her over the head with my science textbook. Neuroscience that. Nerds!

Kobe Bryant

Wassup my fellow neuro- geniouses!!!


i look at this two ways. First, if they are right, then that just proves that we do have the power to change the chemistry of our brains, and tap into area which we dont use (which is 90 percent). This means, we can unlock a whole new plain of evolution for humans.
The other way is, that still doesn't explain away things like white noise, unexplained filmed;documented sightings, as well as something moved my comb from where i put it for the hundredth time.


I like cheese.

Health News

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