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Shifty Powers

hahaha that's funny. I bet that Sauron is North Korea.

B. Battleshield

Gollum = Sadam Hussein

Boromir = France (We love hobbits, we hate hobbits, we love hobbits)

England = Sam Gamgee

Australia/Canada = Merry/Pippin

Zarqawi = Saruman

Al'Qaida = Fighting Uruk-hai, minus the (comparatively) high Uruk-hai intelligence

J. Nielsen

I think the writer is reading way too much into this.

Lauren Bingham

Okay, you think the writer is reading too much into this and I think Santorum is way too nuts to be representing millions of people in the U.S. Senate. We're even. I don't think anyone could ever read too much into this; it's hillarious!

Wade Blanchard

Exactly why is this of any interest to a SCIENCE magazine? Why can't SCIENCE magazines report on science without EVERYTHING being about politics? Does your editorial slant have to permeate eveything anymore, or can we focu on SCIENCE?!!


Wade, Santorum hates science except perhaps that kooky stuff called creation science. He is the number two highest ranked US Senator. As such he exercises a lot of power over the direction of scientific research in this country. Lots of right wing nut jobs like him want to destroy science because it conflicts with their literal bible based worldview. Politics and religion have invaded science, not the other way around.

Wade Blanchard

Right, I get it. You all read How the Republicans Destroyed Science and feel so superior, so we get politics dragged into everything. Can't SOMEBODY give me good solid science news, instead of the latest "sexy" controversy, without an editorial spin. I realy just want the news. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR?!!


I hate Santorum and Science...Who's Santorum


Wade, you want pure science news, and lots of it? try http://www.sciencedaily.com


Yet another example of a political agenda being perpetuated through an "unbiased" media outlet. What a surprise.

I'm with Wade; why can't you people stick to science, instead of spouting out political propoganda disguised as "science headlines?" If I wanted that I'd go to cnn.com or foxnews.com.


Sauron was cool. What kind of Trilogy would you have without Sauron? Where would the heroes be? What would Gimli be doing - digging rocks - yeah that's exciting. Legolas? Hair products. Boromir? NASCART. Strider? Tour guide. Gandalf? Econ prof. Hobbits? Spud-growing-hairy-toed-flea-bitten-shire-rats. With the ring destroyed they sailed overseas. They went sailing for god's sake! Then they all died of boredom. The End.


United States = Frodo Baggins (The Precious Petroleum came to us, it's ours, we need it, the precious petroleum. The petroleum we must give up if our World is to survive)

No,no, it's not "How the Republicans Destroyed Science" it's "How Regan Destroyed Science" it was Regan's administration after all who wrote policies based on the firm belief that Christ was coming soon, and so anything they did was of no real consequence.
Gandalf = Jesus (He came and sacrificed Himself for our sakes, and He'll be back to save us, again)
Republicans are just agressively stupid people who will believe anything if you tell them it came from the Bible, even though most of them have never read the Bible, or adhere to any of it's principles. Besides, I have yet to meet a Republican with enough smarts to destroy science: so don't break your spine as you pat yourself on the back there Turnbuckle.
The companion novel to "How Regan Destroyed Science" is "The Burning Bushes: How Father and Son replaced Logic and Reasoning with Deception and Intemperance"

Wade Blanchard

For a forum that is supposed to be based on rational, evidence supported argument (remember the scientific method?) there is a lot of mud slinging and irrational opinion going on here. Apart from regurgitating someone elses opinion, there is little evidence that decisions are being made based on the imminent end times. Moreover, the so-called religious right is not the only threat to science. Fung-shui, herbal medicines, theraputic touch ring a bell? Sen. Tom Harkin siphoning off millions of useful research dollers to fund "alternative" medicine because he thought bee pollen cured his allergies? Is it just possible that the editors of this website could be a little balanced, or maybe just stick to science and not go out of their way to start a fight? If this is what it takes to sell magazines, I'll spend my money elsewhere.

B. Battleshield

Want Pure science news? Kurzweilai.net - sign up for the daily newsletter - all the bleeding edge science news you can swallow.

B. Battleshield

To return to the authors request for other, like, current issues and how they like, relate to pop culture.....um.... I , like....kinda think that the HP Board leak scandal is akin to Reservoir dogs....

Health News

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