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Keith L. Dick

hehe, that's is strange for sure...


Wow... This is one of the most bizzare things I've ever seen. And from NASA!? That was just a little money that could have gone to a manned Mars mission, what a waste.

Lynna Landstreet

Hmmm, I wouldn't call it "absurd, dangerous, painful, disgusting or otherwise humiliating"... But it's definitely, um, different.

Looks kind of like a post-modern pagan fertility rite!

Joshua Smith

By far the most awkward and hilarious minute of footage I've seen in a while. Thank god for the space program!


I think this is the result of NASA scientists with too much time on their hands. and a bottle of scotch.


If you actually think about this clip it is really interesting. Its not about the fact that this lady is dancing with the robot. But how she is getting the robot to dance with her. Notice that she is not touching the robot at all. And yet the robot is moving. So further more this peak my interest because that means that a. the robot is pre-programmed to follow a certain movement. b. that the robot is actually being controlled by someone else. or c. The robot is in fact being controlled by the dancer through sensors that it has along its frame.

I am pretty sure though after watching it that is is probally C.


I dont get it?? and its made by NASA it is intersting but they shouldnt was there money on this. i just see a lady dacing with a robot whats the point?


Does the robot seem like a phallic symbol to you?


This is huge. The dancer is mearely symbolic of any number of potential workers performing any number of tasks. The beauty here is that without any awkward joysticks or controls, the person is able to make the robot perform a task. The point is to show the great level of versatility this control has. This is a big leap forward.

yeah yeah

really the funniest "breakdown" here is that all those rocket scintists at NASA didn't once associate their robots appearance to that of a... well, hahaah

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