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Can anyone say UFO technology!?

nathan funke

Well I don't know about UFO technology, it seems like if we had obtained some alien hardware the government wouldnt be having Duke universory lead their research.
I do thinkhowever, that it could have interesting implications for space travel. Since one of the biggest concerns for long term missions is radiation exposure, I wonder if this technology could be used as a type of radiation shielding. Also, could it be manufactured to keep radiation inside a designated area? seemingly endlessly swirling around inside instead of leaking out, acting as a containment field? Invisibility sounds cool and all but I think this technology could have much more useful applications.

Tim Keys

Reading Andre and Nathan's posts about UFO technology made me think about the UFO time travel theory that this site presents: http://www.terrestrialextras.com/
The cloaking technology that Duke University is developing may explain how these "terrestrial extras" attempt to obscure their visits to the past.

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