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Elgar Elbert

Airlines furious? Yes, but cancelations? Not one.

Those airlines which have invested in Airbus have a different vision of the future, it seems from the majority of airlines. Or perhaps, different needs would be a better way to put it. But there is no reason for them to cancel at this point.

What is being left unsaid is that Airbus is stalled at about 150 planes in sales of their super jumbo. I don't know how many they need to break even, but I've heard somewhere around 300 to 400 planes.

Airbus has been subsidized by European taxpayers, and its' success to date has been the result of the deep pockets of European governments. Where they will go without these subsidies is worth asking. Boeing receives none.

The next big story about the Airbus jumbo, I think, will be ,"Who pays for it". Like the Concorde , which never was a commercial success, it seems that every delay makes reaching the break even point more and more difficult for Airbus.

Paul Muller

This post is not about Airbus succeeding or not. It's about how Americans who like to think of themselves as competitive are just sore losers and take it personally. You admit it yourself "It's been painful", so you are left making all sorts excuses such as "our old 747 looks better" or "it's paid for by euro taxes" and crying victory when development of new Airbus planes is delayed. Do you also read the news hoping that Toyota and Honda are going to announce a massive recall?
If you weren't so stupid and as competitive as you like to think you would in fact welcome foreign competition from Airbus and the likes, which push US companies to make reliable cars and efficient planes. Ultimately thats means more power to the dumb consuming masses (you). But no we don't want that, we don't want no stinkin' eurofrench planes. By the way did you know that darling Boeing uses a French software platform to design their planes? Oh non alors! Donnez moi le croissant tres magnifique!!!!

Health News

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