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This is amazing...I hhave personally tried some Coke and Mentos experiments, but I have never seen anything on nearly this scale. Not very many people try more than one, though I did see two Australians mxing Coke and gasoline with mentos and fire...not a good idea...

Nonetheless, great find. I always red the blog and website, and I suspect that I will soon get a subscription to Popular Science Magazine. Your sites, magazines, blogs, and other things write such fascinating things.


I'll bet the ants are ecstatic.

Neill Thompson

Um, so what happens if you eat a Mentos afte drinking Diet Coke?


This is amazing, I have tried the Mentos and Coke rocket, and failed miserably. I should make some sweet videos like this


This is a gr8 video! I was really amazed after watching this video! P'raps i can do this for someone's b'day...or maybe i should call those 2 diet/coke guys!


Aw!!! All that Diet Coke... wasted!!! You could have fed me for a year!!

ituloy angsulong

Amazings experiments.. yeah i also see two australians mixing Coke and gasoline with mentos and fire. it is not good experiments.. nice work and done..

Mito :)

Sam Zaydel

Can you say a total waste of time? Whatever happened to performing experiments to discover something new that in some way benefits the world? Now, we are all about stupid useless tricks that do nothing for anybody. Calling this an experiment is a stretch. More a like a bunch of yahoos who could not cut it in school to get a real education in science. PopSci should know better, before blogging crap like this.

Organic Chemistry

I am sure someone has already posted this, but i understand that it is the gum arabic in the mentos that is causing the reaction...i wonder if anyone has tried pure powdered gum arabic and diet coke


well i must say from the bottom of my heart that

this experiment makes me thirsty




It is strange but i also tried it really works in my garden .And it is real ...


it was freaking awesome do it again


You are right, what was I thinking.

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freaking awesome!


It's difficult to study the long term impact... for websites like theirs it's very difficult to repeat that... How do you cash in on a one time phenomenon?
Unfortunatly, the splitting of the services is like a lot Google's new offerings, too. The smaller websites/bloggers get poorer quality offerings, lower revenue, and more hassle. Adsense is becoming like that, too.



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Love the menots diet coke experiment. Did it with my 4 year old this weekend and explained what a chemical reaction and how a volcano erupts. He was digging bigtime. We found another cool site with fun science experiments to do. Will post
the link below for anyone interested.



This is a classic. Although this is kinda old, never tried myself. Awesome nonetheless. :)


Dies ist ein großer Ort. Ich möchte hier noch einmal.

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To say that the film tests the boundaries of documentary ethics would be a thundering understatement. The Red Chapel challenges every documentary ethic known to the film-making world. Putting Pak at the center of his narrative, Brügger describes her as a military interrogator based only her use of rudimentary English (nevermind the question, who in Korea is teaching English besides state propagandists?

Neo Gold

Man i have been following the diet coke and mentos experiment. I don't know how those scientists managed to submit those volcanic experiments to coke.com and mentos.com. Aren't these website owned by those respective brands. Why would they feature it if it harms their brand image.

Lemonade Diet Pills

Whether they sold out or not, doesnt matter, that video was pretty impressive! Dont know how they would top that. But as they said - wayyyyyyy too much free time.

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You have to give it to them, that would have taken a lot of planning - and some of those fountain effects looked amazing!

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