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Chris Mathews

The above comment and content of links are fabricated lies. Skydur is a copycat service that was created after Obrad Grujic, Paul Hay, and Jovica Mizdrak (all former developers of the Freedur application terminated due to poor work quality and ethics) hijacked the Freedur servers and fraudulently posted lies posing as Freedur staff on our own website. The hacking incident took place back in August 2009 and caused severe damages and grief to our company and customers. The whole, and definitive true story can be found within OUR lawsuit against them:

*Currently we are only able to pursue Paul Hay and Stackfile Corp via the court, as Grujic lives in Serbia and Mizdrak lives in Australia.

Currently, the perpetrators operate under the following identities: Stackfile, Skydur, and Astrill. All of these entities either do not exist as a real company or are suspended. Stackfile Corp is suspended by the State of California. A search for "Stackfile" at http://kepler.sos.ca.gov will reveal its current status.
Please support us by seeking the truth of the matter


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