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Greg R.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming, not Comedy Central. Figured you should know about that.


A very nice list, but why was Spock overlooked???


Yeah, what 'Dan' said. I've gotten more mileage out of Spock's pseudo-philosophies than all these other nerds combined.

"Pain is in the mind, and the mind can be controlled."


Thanks for correcting the link.


what Dan said... and what about Bill Nye, MacGyver or Doogie Howser???


What about Professor Keenbean from Ritchie Rich, or Q from the James Bond storyline? Desmond Llewelyn as Q at the very least deserves to be on the list.


Surely Screech Powers is much more well known than Ugly Betty.

Steven James

I was going through the list thinking "Where the hell is Doc Brown? They'd better have Doc Brown." Fortunately, he's right where he belongs, sitting at #1.


A good list, but leaving off Buckaroo Banzai is just wrong.
How much nerdier could a hero be?

Matt Koz

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Ugly Betty a product of 2k6? The fact that I would rather slam my head in a car door for the duration of the show rather than watch it aside, shouldn't the show's recent conception disqualify it from an "ALL-TIME" list?

V Ramani

I was going through the list and all the people on it are great (although I didn't recognize a few). But there was one person I feel that should have been on the list that wasnt: STEWIE FROM FAMILY GUY!!! I mean come on, how much cooler can a nerd be?


Great list but you fotgor Reed Richards, otherwise known as Mr. Fantastic, from the Fantastic four.


I second the McGyver/Bill Nye wonder duo. Singly, they rock. Together, they could have ended world hunger, won the War on Terror and delivered us from the evil of rootkit DRM. Using nothing but a bit of wire, some superballs and a wad of gum, no less.

Gary Treible

Where is Chloe O'Brian?

Anita Dickerson

i LOVE that beaker and bunsen were in there (endearing to see as a chemist) but im dissapointed not to see the matrix cast list in there, come on how many of us female nerds can not admire trinity for saving her man, hacking, bustin up bad guys and all while wearing hot leather pants!

Anita Dickerson

oh and dont forget jonny lee miller and angelina jolie from hackers


Everything about _Real Genius_ is wonderful, but Michelle Meyrink's character (Jordan) should be up there with Val Kilmer, or maybe replacing him as Model Nerd.


What about Clark Kent of Superman? I think he should have been on the list.


What about the Arnold "governator" in Twins?


What about the Arnold "governator" in Twins?


Dude, what about the professor from Gilligan's Island? And Bunsen and Beaker are way higher than Aqua Teen Hunger Force on my list...


Where is Samatha Carter, played by Amanda Tapping from Stargate SG1??? She doesn't save the world on each episode...She saves the galaxy!


Samantha Carter! Though I guess the phrases "hot babe" and "geeky nerd" are somewhat mutually exclusive.
Mr. Spock!!! Absolutely number one on the list!!! How could he be left off???

Joe Deeley

Kudos for Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters, but I believe you missed out on Dr. Benton Quest, aka Johnny Quest's dad, and, most grievously, you overlooked the ubergeek of all time: The Professor (of Gilligan's Island).

Roy Hinky (the Professor's real name) might not have been able to fix the SS MINNOW, according to some, but I prefer to think he was capitalizing on the great odds with two hot babes on a romantic tropical isle!


Agreed on Doogie, but not MacGyver, he was athletic and sort of an action hero.

"A very nice list, but why was Spock overlooked???"

B/c the whole ship/show was full of geeks.

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