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This is a great list, with one minor correction, the Aston Martin is the DB5, not a DBS.

Oh yeah, I don't really think the Walther PPK is a"gadget".

Terence Pua

The jetpack in Thunderball was very cool indeed but...

Although Sean C. starred in it and was called James Bond, technically, it is not part of the Bond franchise :(


THUNDERBALL was most definitely part of the official, Cubby Broccoli Bond franchise. You're probably thinking of NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN, the weird one-off non-Broccoli Bond movie starring Connery and based on the THUNDERBALL story.


my favorite will always be the car ...
its loaded and kewl ...
rather well stocked ... hehe ...

t money

wow there are deff. better gadgets than that thats one of the worst top what evers i have ever sceen

Top Ten Lists

[...]The 15 Best Bond Gadgets of All Time[...]

michael gray

You TOTALLY forgot the jetski from Spy Who Loved Me! Maybe I'm too old, but most of America had never seen one of these contraptions in 1977.

While everything else in the movie was fluff and fiction. But when people learned that the jet-ski was an ACTUAL WORKING PRODUCT, sales of the item boomed. Kawasaki had only JUST started mass producing the jet-ski in 1976. The movie almost single handedly launched the entire personal water craft industry!


Erik, You have to research your comments. Its a DBS not a DB5 http://www.astonmartin.com/ENG/thecompany/news?a=93e7cb17-0939-4ca9-a004-aa169fa13f4f


Although "Little Nellie" will always be high on my list, it's the little gadgets I enjoyed the most, from the micro-breathing apparatus in Thunderball to the pen bomb in Goldeneye; talk about hard to keep track of whether the thing was armed or not with Boris clicking away compulsively!


Ahem, I mean DB5 not DBS. Where is the delete button on this thing.


Your picture of a PPK is NOT a PPK. It is a Beretta. The PPK is a much nicer weapon.


Yes, that is a PPK in the picture, just with a silencer. The PPK is a small, stubby ugly little gun, where as the Baretta you mention is closer in form to the Colt 1911 .45.

J Pike

Ya Eh !!! It is a DB5 Aston Martin.
Unfortunatly the real car was stolen from its owner in Boca Raton, FL.. Unknown if it was ever recovered. But we have never seen Mr. Bonds personal gadget ?


That is not a PPK, It is a FN 32. And the beretta that was talked about in the books was a very small 25 acp jetfire, not one the size of a 1911


dude bond iz kewl




fuck ddude!!!!!!!!!!!


iz a glock you weetawds


What, no 'Golden Gun'?


The magnetic wristwatch in Live and Let Die deflects a bullet… at long range and also unzips Italian operative’s dresses and one of only 3 movies that Q is not in, the others are Dr. No and Casino Royal.


Those are so cool...too bad all unaffordable(except for the Sony Ericsson)..but still very cool...and yeah, wheres the golden gun? Thats a classic


I am surprised it was not mentioned that "Little Nellie" made the front page of Popular Science as a very cool gadget back in it's day. There was an interview with the designer, more photos, and also an admission that the "quick assembly" sequence seen in the film was not characteristic of the real flying machine.


It is not a Glock you mental reject, and its not a PPK, look up a pic on the web and you will find that the PPK grips are flat at the top, not rounded like this FN, ( or Spanish copy). I also liked the " Golden Gun" very cool

Daniel Gradisar

Really, not the invisible car in Die Another Day w/ spike that come out of the wheels for traction? Come on! That is even more realistic than the sub/car. I would also like to point out the Golden gun. What kind of genius thinks to create a gun out of a pen, cigarette case, and a single bullet. A Christopher Lee character, that's who! Imagine if that technology got in the hands of the terrorists...

Daniel Gradisar


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