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Shava Nerad

Just to clarify a few things -- Steven's attack is based on Tor's hidden services, not normal end users. Hidden services are probably considerably less than 1% of the Tor network activity -- it's a way to hide chat or web services' geographical location, as might be used by the military to conceal command and control servers (one of the original purposes for which the US Naval Research Labs designed onion routing, the ancestor of Tor).

Hidden services have never been able to be made highly secure or well performing, but Steven's research is still important and interesting.

And Tor is not a project of EFF, although our URL is there, and they have been and continue to be great friends of the project. As of today we have become our own nonprofit.

Shava Nerad
Executive Director
The Tor Project

Dave Metcalf

Steve recently sent a trace program to me to verify that he can map TOR in the UK. I suspect he has other surprises in store at the next conf.!!

Good luck to all

abbynet OR



Ramber Deo

All what you said that you can track ... is that really? can you give me a evidence, e-mail to me ramber.leon@gmail.com

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Doesn't there exist a good countermeasure in using 'idle' processor time to fold proteins (or anything else)? That would remove the correlation between the load sent to a HS, and the temperature of the CPU.

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