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Computes local clock skew with respect to a remote clock. ...

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The thing is, you've got to remember that different computers are going to run at different temperatures. There are many different factors in this. The type of processor and other components makes a difference, the number of cores, the number of processors, the heat sink, the space available in the case for air-flow, the number of fans for circulation and the arrangement that they are in.

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While you are using PC, the temperature of your CPU and motherboard may get too hot. That means you have to use turn it off to avoid damage. Nevertheless, how do you know when it is too hot?

You have to use a software to measure the temperature of your system. There are a lot of software that work as a sensor for your hardware.

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Does not come free - in a tight but fluid world oil market, less supply in China means higher prices at U.S. pumps. But the liberal interventionists, including yours truly, is morally obliged to promote the use of force only in extreme cases, even in the case of genocide.

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