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RFID is also interupted by aluminum foil. When I want to end a phone call without finishing the conversation, wrapping aluminum foil around the phone blocks the signal and the call gets dropped. Assuming that credit cards don't get transferred to cell phones and the point be made moot, metal wallets might become fashionable.


Why would you " want to end a phone call without finishing the conversation,"


You want me to return to where? Sorry, our connection is breaking up. *snap* *crackle* INT QBF, over . . . hhhhhhhhhhhsssssssssss

Jim in Texas

She better be damn careful about taking this onto airlines......


Using a metal shield is the cheapest and most effective method of preventing reading of RFID cards and much cheaper than any electronics. Someone will sell a wallet which incorporates a flexible metal shield in it or a flexible metallic wallet insert or pouch. Purse manufacturers will probably start manufacturing them with metallic shielding too.

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The more I read about the protections and firewalls you mention here to more I get scared. Who is trying to steal or informations and what can we do to insure that our info is safe? I will keep reading it and start implementing some of them. You have waken me up now.

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yes I agree, using a piece of aluminum foil you can interrupt the signal, is amazing I always use one on my wallet ha ha

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I think this is more complicated than how you make it looks. You see, I'm not a computer expert, and for that reason I prefer to look for a professional helper to fix it or make a change... but thanks anyway.

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