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kobe bryant

i like the internet:)

Stan Nelson

The Internet is our first truly worldwide, international, real-time, 24/7/365 medium. It makes available easy access to and sharing of limitless information, ideas and opinions. It is changing the face of nationalism, politics, and interpersonal relationships. It is the greatest development we've had since machinery and manufacturing. Use it to the fullest!

Prem Das

Addiction to the Internet may turn out to be the perfect anti-dote to degenerative diseases of the brain like Parkinsons and Alzheimers.

rolly velarde

the internet has not yet picked in most developing countries and though the worldwide web seem encompassing, it is still unavailable to a substantial number of people. but as the trend shows, everybody from anywhere will have an access to everybody from anywhere as the internet becomes a domineering part of our daily existence. ergo, it is not addicting but rather an indispensible necessity that may well be considered as a new mental disease.

Maxie O Shirey

I know that I spend too much time on the internet, but it is my pass time and I have retired! It keeps my mind busy and makes me think of things going on in different parts of the world. I just wish I knew more how to operate and do more on the computer than I do BUT I will master that in time.


See the heights of addiction to internet amongst children also.Yes its like all other addictions that can go to any extent.Amongst children it would affect even higher...see how:


what a topic....?
i just wonder on seeing it title....
i appreciate with your words...
Suffering from an addiction. This website has a lot of great resources and treatment centers.


addiction to internet will result in brain disease.



Some time ago my child spent all his free time surfing the web and my husband and I decided to restrict Internet access. I bought internet filtering software called Ez Internet Timer: http://www.internettimer.net

It can stop all children’s on-line activity and block Internet browsers, e-mails, ftps or messengers according to my daily schedule.

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I want to know more about Internet Addiction. Is their anyone here who happens to know or be a Psychologist who studies this area and could perhaps interview? Also I would like to know about any Support groups here in the U.S. for people that are addicted to the Internet. Could you please provide complete info on any of the two above mentioned items? You can also e-mail me if you like. Thank You for your time and concern, I really appreciate it.

Buy Online Rx

I miss it and I look forward to a day when I myself no longer have a computer tied to my hind quarters right along with the cell phone. I am not condemning these things, just stating what they are, "convienences". Just like anything else.


This is really true because I'm also an internet addict because when I arrive to my home I should navigate through the internet because tha's exciting knowing different things I wanna know.


This is really true because I'm also an internet addict because when I arrive to my home I should navigate through the internet because tha's exciting knowing different things I wanna know.

buy cellular phone

I am agreed with Stan Nelson. Nowadays internet becomes largest platform to sharing limitless information, opinion & business. Today, what you can do in real, you can imagine with net.

reception desk

Well the scientists who ran the study didn't really want to answer his tough questions.

business credit loans

Nowadays Internet has changed the world. Every business can be co-relate with net market & can be establish online.

chain bracelets

Yes admin, it is very hard to stay away from the Internet for several days at a time. Do you stay online longer than intended often or very often?

Health News

I can't believe how much of this I just wasn't aware of. Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. I'm truly grateful and really impressed.

Miami Web Design

I'm an internet addict too. I can't spend two days away for it!
the Last year I read in the newspaper that a baby girl died, because her mom was playing in the computer and doesn't give her food, and since then, i quite the computer for a while, because I have 2 babies, and i'm afraid that happen to me

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I am searching more about this article, But your blog is helping me a lot .

recycling cell phones

I totally agree that internet addiction is very bad.But we also cannot deny the fact that internet has become vital part of our daily life.

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well in any case the addiction is not a better way for any thing, but it has a positive and negative things is just like to know how to use it

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Internet is neccessary in our lives, however we have to learn we don't need to be in front of a computer checking our facebook or playing online an entire day to be alive... it doesn't have so much sense for me.

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